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The marquise cut diamond, with its distinctive football-like shape, offers a blend of vintage elegance and modern appeal for engagement rings. Originating in the 18th century, it remains versatile and timeless, suitable for various setting options. When choosing a marquise diamond, consider factors like length-to-width ratio, symmetry, and depth percentage for optimal brilliance. Despite its elongated shape, marquise diamonds can appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight, providing budget-friendly options without sacrificing size or sparkle.

When it comes to choosing the perfect diamond shape for your engagement ring, one of the most elegant and distinctive is the marquise cut diamond. Its unique shape and style stands apart from other diamond shapes, and can work well with both vintage style engagement rings and look totally modern if that's more your thing. But what exactly is it about the marquise diamond (pronounced mar-keys) that makes it so spectacularly stunning?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the history, characteristics, purchasing considerations, and style options for this famously fab diamond shape and help you find the perfect marquise engagement ring for you.

What is a Marquise Cut Diamond?

Starting from the top, let's dive into the specifics of the marquise diamond shape. This unique diamond cut, also known as the "navette" or "little boat" shape, is characterized by its elongated oval shape with pointed ends — a silhouette that resembles a football. The marquise cut typically features 56 or 58 facets, allowing for exceptional brilliance and sparkle. It is traditionally worn parallel to your finger, which can provide an elongating effect on the hand, but many modern settings can be found that turn the marquise engagement ring on its side, facing east-west and offering plenty of spread across the finger, which can make the diamond itself appear as a larger looking stone.


Our Half Bezel Solitaire Engagement ring, shown two ways with a Marquise cut diamond - East West &North South Half Bezel Engagement ring

GOODSTONE east west marquise diamond engagement ring

GOODSTONE'sEast West Half Bezel Solitaire Engagement ring with a Marquise diamond

History of Marquise Diamonds

The marquise cut diamond has a rich history. It dates back to the 18th century, when King Louis XV of France commissioned a jeweler to create a new diamond shape resembling the lips of his mistress, Jean Antoinette Poisson, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour. The result, with its graceful curved sides and pointed ends, became known as the marquise cut, honoring the Marquise de Pompadour.

Marquise engagement rings became popular in the 20th century, offering an ornate and sometimes floral appearance for their resemblance to a leaf or petal. But today, they are quite timeless and modern, experiencing a bit of a resurgence in bold, minimalistic engagement rings.

GOODSTONE North south half bezel solitaire marquise diamond engagement ring

Staying classic in yellow gold with a Marquise cut diamond engagement ring

GOODSTONE Thin and simple solitaire marquise engagement ring

Thin & Simple SolitaireMarquise Cut engagement ring

Is a Marquise Engagement Ring Outdated?

This is a question we hear quite frequently, as the marquise engagement ring shape has a deep history and can frequently be found in vintage style rings. So why would a modern bride to be choose a marquise engagement ring?

  1. Defying Convention: The marquise cut stands out from the cookie-cutter engagement rings everyone else is wearing. If your true love is the type to carve their own path, the marquise cut diamond is a truly distinctive choice and will surely turn heads.

  2. True Romance: The marquise cut diamond has a romantic history, what with its origin in the shape of a lover's lips — and may appeal to those who appreciate this legendary background. After all, engagement rings are all about romance, aren't they?

  3. Beyond Brilliant: With its numerous radiating facets, the marquise cut is designed to maximize brilliance and sparkle. Obviously, this is hard to argue with, assuming you're someone who wants their engagement ring to dazzle and captivate.

  4. Versatility: Marquise cut diamonds work well with various engagement ring settings. Whether you prefer a classic solitaire, a halo setting, an east-west style engagement ring, or a three-stone ring, the marquise cut can adapt and allow for loads of personalization.

  5. Budget: Marquise cut diamonds often appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight due to their elongated shape and shallower depth. This can be an attractive feature for those looking to maximize size while also saving a little cash.

  6. Celebrity Style:Several celebrities have chosen the marquise cut for their engagement rings, contributing to its popularity. Catherine Zeta-Jones received a marquise cut diamond from Michael Douglas, while Ashlee Simpson's engagement ring from Evan Ross also features this distinctive shape. The elegance and uniqueness of the marquise cut make it a celebrity favorite for expressing love and commitment.

Ultimately, choosing a marquise engagement ring is a personal decision that involves considering your lifestyle, preferences, and symbolism. You don't need a sign, you just need to love this unique shape. And if you do, here's what to look for:

Ideal Proportions for a Marquise Cut Diamond

Achieving the ideal proportions is crucial for maximizing the beauty of a marquise cut diamond. But it's not so easy when this shape doesn't have an industry-standardized cut grade. In fact, no fancy shapes do, only round brilliant cut diamonds have official cut grades. So what's a person to look for? We're here to help.

With marquise cut diamonds, the length-to-width ratio is key. You'll want to look for a ratio that falls between 1.75 to 2.25. This ratio ensures a balanced and visually appealing appearance. Now, that said, if you prefer a more elongated look then go for a larger length-to-width ratio. And if you prefer a rounder, wider stone, then a shorter ratio should too the trick. Additionally, symmetry is essential; the two pointed ends should align perfectly with each other, creating a harmonious silhouette. Look for an excellent polish and symmetry grade to ensure you're on track.

To enhance brilliance, opt for a marquise cut with a depth percentage between 58% and 65%. A well-proportioned marquise cut diamond will exhibit a dazzling play of light, capturing attention from any angle.

GOODSTONE lotus marquise engagement ring

Adding asymmetry & more marquise diamond carat weight with ourLotus Engagement ring with a Marquise cut diamond

Color and Clarity Considerations for Marquise Diamonds

While cut is the most important of the 4Cs for any shape diamond (because it has the largest impact on a diamond's brilliance), color and clarity are still important. Everyone has their own preferences such as those who prefer a more flawless diamond or those who prefer a warmer colored stone. But there are a few shape-related things to know when looking to shop for a marquise diamond engagement ring.

When it comes to color, a marquise cut diamond can tend to hold a bit more color in its tips, and appear uneven, as the tips are quite shallow. If you prefer a very colorless diamond, you'll likely want to choose one in the G-H color grade range or higher. This applies especially if you are choosing platinum or white gold for your engagement ring, as a warmer stone set in white metal can show more color. If you are choosing yellow or rose gold, however, or if you prefer a bit more warmth in your diamond, then you can go a bit lower on your color grade, which can offer a more affordable engagement ring overall.

Lucky for you, marquise cut diamonds and their bright, brilliant facets (similar to round diamonds) do help disguise some of a diamond's inclusions. This diamond shape does good work in lower clarity grades, and you can often find eye-clean stones in the SI range.

Carat Weight and Marquise Engagement Rings

Now, this is where an elongated diamond shape really shines. The elongated marquise diamond, with its shallow depth, can actually look quite a bit larger than other diamond shapes of comparable carat weights. Even 15-20% larger, in fact. So you can shop a bit lower weight and still get plenty of diamond look and size for your money. Just don't skimp on the cut quality, otherwise you could end up with a diamond that appears dull and unappealing in your engagement ring.

Styles of Engagement Rings for Marquise Cut Diamonds

The versatility of the marquise cut makes it the perfect choice for a wide variety of engagement ring styles. You can feature it alone for a standout statement maker or pair it with side stones for a real party. Here are a few of our favorite marquise engagement rings to inspire your search:

  1. The Simple (yet Stunning) Solitaire Marquise Engagement Ring: Let your marquise diamond really shine when set along atop a band of gold (or platinum or... the metal of your choice) such as in our nearly-weightless Thin and Simple Solitaire. It's the easiest-wearing solitaire we've ever made, with a prong-set marquise diamond and a barely-there band. It makes your diamond appear to float on the hand, while the setting allows light to flow through the diamond from all angles. It's a kind of magic.

    If that's not quite minimal enough for you, try the North South Half Bezel Solitaire, which features two delicate bezel edges that protect the diamond's tips.... and that's it. We've left the sides completely exposed so that you may appreciate your diamond from all angles. Talk about simply stunning.

  2. Turn Things Twisted:If you like a solitaire's simplicity but want a look that's a bit more modern an unique, an East-West Solitaire Engagement Ring might be just the thing. This super-elegant yet maximally minimal engagement ring setting protects the tips of your marquise diamond while leaving all the brilliance exposed. Setting it sideways is a non-traditional look that can also make the diamond appear larger as it spreads further across your finger.

  3. Halo Settings: Enhance the brilliance of your marquise diamond by surrounding it with a halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones. A traditional halo is visible from the top of the diamond, as a line of tiny brilliance round your center stone. You can also shop for a hidden halo style engagement ring, which is visible only from the side view.

  4. Three-Stone Rings: Why settle for one marquise diamond when you could have three? In our Triad Marquise Engagement Ring, a large diamond at the center is flanked by two (only slightly) smaller gems, all set in single claw prongs: simply, elegantly jaw-dropping. If you prefer a bit more traditional style three-stone engagement ring, add two tapered baguette diamonds to your marquise engagement ring, creating just a bit of extra sparkle on the band.

  5. Asymmetrical Affair:For those who want to keep things extra interesting, or prefer a more asymmetrical look to their jewels, our Lotus Engagement Ring features three accent diamonds clustered on one side of your marquise diamond. This cluster ring style is trending, as it takes the focus off a single diamond and offers a modern look that showcases a grouping of gemstones instead.

GOODSTONE green emerald marquise engagement ring

Go bold with a green emeraldmarquise engagement ring

marquise diamond wedding bands

Marquise cut diamond 's mix of curves & points makes them an ideal match for oval and round diamonds

Wedding Bands to Pair with Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

A marquise diamond ring set just isn't complete without a matching wedding band, of course. But you can also wear a marquise diamond band on its own for a beautiful, sophisticated style.

One of our favorite bands, the Marquise Round Multi-Shape Diamond Wedding Band is a true one of a kind beauty. Because it features both classic round diamonds and modern marquise shapes in an eye-catching design, you can make a statement without overpowering your entire look and match with many an engagement ring diamond shape.

For a more delicate diamond band that also works well as a unique stacking ring, this floral marquise diamond wedding band should do the trick. The barely there band is set with a scattered diamond pattern on alternating sides to give it the look of a natural vine that works with both modern and vintage style marquise engagement rings.

For a band with a bit more oomph and impact, try a bezel-set half eternity band set with elongated marquise diamonds that echo your marquise cut engagement ring. This till give you major style points whether worn alone or in your bridal set.

And if you're over the dainty and demure, try a bold gold marquise diamond band. A chunkier ring makes for a great gender-fluid wedding band, works well on its own, or can be stacked as you prefer. It's set with a beautiful marquise cut diamond burnished into the curved, domed top of the band. Try it in platinum, yellow gold, rose, or white.

marquise diamond ring with marquise diamond wedding bands

GOODSTONE Marquise Round Multi Shape Diamond wedding band

marquise diamond wedding band in bezel setting

GOODSTONE Midi Bezel Set Halfway Wedding Band With Marquise Cuts

The Marquise Engagement Ring in Review

Unique engagement rings are hard to come by these days, but a marquise cut diamond is a captivating choice for those seeking a standout, yet timeless, engagement ring to tell their own love story. With its rich history, elongated proportions, and sophisticated design options, you really can't go wrong.

Whether you are drawn to the marquise diamond's romantic history or captivated by its elegant silhouette, this shape is sure to make a statement of enduring love and commitment. Shop our collection of precious-crafted marquise engagement ring designs, perfect for marking your special moments.

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