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Dive into the shimmering history of diamond wedding bands and discover how this sparkling tradition evolved from ancient times to the present day, offering a timeless symbol of love and commitment. Explore our full article to uncover the diverse array of styles, from classic elegance to modern innovation, ensuring you find the perfect diamond wedding band to add brilliance to your love story.

The history of diamond wedding bands is one thing. But your own reason for wearing one? Probably just love. And a little love of brilliant sparkle, I'm sure. While the tradition of exchanging wedding bands dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations, those early bands were certainly nothing like the diamond wedding bands many of us exchange today.

As diamond engagement rings took center stage in the early 20th century, diamond wedding bands quickly followed suit to symbolize marital commitment in a complementary fashion. Couples began exchanging diamond wedding bands alongside their engagement rings during wedding ceremonies, symbolizing the transition from betrothal to marriage. Today, diamond wedding bands continue to be a popular choice for couples around the world. Whether you're looking for a classic diamond wedding band with a timeless appeal or a modern, trendsetting style that embraces innovation and personalization, there are countless wedding rings available to suit every taste.

GOODSTONE RING STACK and the Baby Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

Wedding bands, a tale as old as time. Adding sparkle and brilliance to your gorgeous love story with the, Baby Baguette Diamond Wedding Band.

Choose Your Wedding Band Metal Type

A good place to start when selecting your wedding band is by choosing a metal type: gold, platinum, rose gold... it's all up to you. Many brides choose a wedding band metal to complement their engagement ring and create a harmonious set. If you have a yellow gold engagement ring, for instance, choosing a yellow gold wedding band to go with it makes sense. But then again some people like a mixed metal look, so perhaps a white gold or platinum band is right for you. At GoodStone, we offer white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum for any style of diamond wedding band you like, and are happy to work with you to create a customized piece that suits your tastes.

GOODSTONE Dainty Baguette Wedding Band

Opt for understated elegance with the Dainty Baguette Wedding Band, a timeless choice that exudes delicate charm.

Choose Your Wedding Band Type

Before we discuss individual design elements, it's good to know the main categories of diamond wedding bands you might see on the market. There is a very classic diamond wedding band with stones that cover the top of the band, leaving the underside of the ring bare. Then there are eternity bands, which have diamonds encircling the entire finger. Now, there are also some in-betweens, either a half-eternity band or a three-quarter eternity band, with diamonds stretching the corresponding distance around the ring. Since eternity bands are not sizable, many who like the look but want the freedom to resize the ring in the future choose one of these semi-eternity options.

Choose Your Diamond Type

If you're sure you want diamonds (as opposed to colored gemstones), there are even a couple of ways to go here. You can select between natural, mined diamonds or a lab-created diamond wedding band. And yes, lab-created diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same visual and physical properties, are made of carbon, and bear all the same characteristics as natural diamonds. Only, they cost about half the price of natural diamonds. We offer both options throughout our diamond wedding band collection, so you can find the diamond band of your dreams with the stone you desire.

GOODSTONE Shared Prong Wedding Band With Round Diamonds

You can never go wrong with the Shared Prong Wedding Band With Round Diamonds, classic and timeless, with so much sparkle.

Choose Your Diamond Wedding Band Design

Now, we can get to the really fun stuff: choosing the overall design and style of your rings! And boy, is there a wide variety to discover. There are classic diamond wedding bands, with a simple row of round diamonds, you can play with different diamond shapes or setting types, or even incorporate colors by adding different gemstones to the look. Finding the one that is right for you starts here:

Classic Diamond Wedding Bands

If you want a perfectly timeless, elegant diamond wedding band to wear either on its own or with your engagement ring, a shared-prong wedding band with round diamonds is the easy choice. Not only will it stand the test of time, but shared prongs keep the metal minimal, allowing the diamonds to take center stage. To go even more classic (yes, it's possible), a claw-set diamond wedding band is also a great choice. This one features a shorter row of diamonds set in individual baskets with micro claw prongs for a bit more vintage feel.

You can give the classic diamond band look a bit more personality by choosing a different shape diamond, such as oval diamonds, which are super sparkly but offer a bit more individual style. Or go for something that really stands out with bold radiant cut diamonds set in a solid row of brilliance.

GOODSTONE Petite Shared Prong Wedding Band with Oval Diamonds

Add flair to the classic diamond band aesthetic by opting for the, Petite Shared Prong Wedding Band with Oval Diamonds, renowned for their dazzling sparkle and distinctive flair.

Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Bands

If you like the idea of a simple row of diamonds but want to go for a bolder look with modern appeal, a bezel-set diamond band might be your pick. A bezel setting completely surrounds each diamond in the row with a thin ring of metal type: gold, platinum, the choice is yours. It gives a geometric element to the design of your ring and offers added protection for your stones.

Baguette Diamond Wedding Bands

One of the most popular, trend-forward shapes you can choose for your diamond wedding band is a baguette cut diamond. They offer a lot of sparkle when all lined up, but a different, geometric look is very modern. You can choose a simple, slender diamond wedding band with bar-set baguette diamonds lined up end-to-end, which is a subtle effect. Or go for a fun, staggered effect with a row of baguettes set side-to-side for something that really stands out. If you can't make up your mind, or simply want the best of them all, we love a baguette and round diamond mix!

GOODSTONE Baby Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

No matter where you place the Baby Baguette Diamond Wedding Band, it stands out in every beautiful way.

Super Stacker Wedding Bands

If you like a something a little more subtle, or want to stack several diamond wedding bands together for a bigger look, go for some cute diamond wedding band stackables. You can go for a unique double tapered baguette diamond stacker ring, a cute little compass point cushion cut stacker, a spaced-out style, or a gap ring. Really any style works, just keep them slender and stack them high!

GOODSTONE Petite Tapered Baguette Stacker

With the Petite Tapered Baguette Stacker, subtle doesn't mean boring, it means understated elegance and timeless sophistication.

Different Shape Wedding Bands

Your wedding band also does not have to be a single, straight row of diamonds. We love adding a band with a bit more shape and negative space to your engagement ring stack, the results being a truly unique look. Our Laurel Marquise Band offers an airy, nature-inspired look if you love something that speaks to your love of plant life. Or you can go for a more edgy look like the Zig Zag diamond wedding band, which gives you a more angular, geometry-forward look.

GOODSTONE Laurel Marquise Band

Elevate your ring stack with our Laurel Marquise Band, featuring nature-inspired details and a distinctive silhouette, adding a contemporary touch to your ensemble.

Adding Color to Your Diamond Wedding Band

If you want to shake things up a little bit, we love to add a touch of color to a diamond wedding band with colored gemstones. Whether you like a green emerald, a blue sapphire, a pink sapphire, a red ruby, black diamonds... or really anything, there are so many ways to make the look your own. You could also choose colored diamonds. For instance, going with yellow diamonds set in yellow gold will give you a gorgeously glowing, sunshiny effect that is sure to garner you a stare or two.

Find Your Dream Diamond Wedding Band

While diamond wedding bands are a popular choice for many couples, there's no hard and fast rule that says you must wear one. Your wedding band is a deeply personal choice, and ultimately, it's up to you and your partner to decide what feels right for your love story.

There are plenty of options for wedding bands, ranging from plain metal bands to bands adorned with other gemstones or unique designs. Some couples may opt for matching bands, with a men's wedding band that reflects a similar style to the woman's ring, while others choose bands that reflect their individual styles and personalities. Ultimately, wear what makes you happy and feels right for your relationship – that's all that truly matters.


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