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The Various Types of Engagement rings

How does one pick the right ring? Join us as we explore all the various ring styles & settings.


Which Engagement ring is right for me?

Selecting your ideal engagement ring at GOODSTONE means delving into the world of ring styles and settings. Understanding these terms is key to finding a ring that not only captivates your eye but also fits comfortably and suits your lifestyle. The setting and style of your ring significantly influence its appearance, wearability, and the overall feel on your finger.

Decoding Ring Terminology: Styles vs. Settings

It's essential to differentiate between ring styles and ring settings. Ring settings are the technical aspects of the ring, defining how your diamond or gemstone is held in place and the ring's overall structure. On the other hand, ring styles encompass the broader aesthetic categories, shaping the overall look and character of engagement rings.

Exploring Ring Styles with GOODSTONE

At GOODSTONE, our online collection offers an extensive range of ring styles, ensuring that every preference and dream is catered to. From classic solitaires to intricate vintage designs, each style speaks to a different expression of love and commitment. And if you're envisioning something truly unique, our custom design service is here to bring your personalized vision to life, crafting an engagement ring that's as special and individual as your relationship.

Timeless Ring Elegance

At GOODSTONE, we cherish the enduring beauty of classic ring designs. Solitaires remain a favorite for their simplicity and elegance, and can be enhanced with trellis or basket settings for a refined look. Adding diamond accents on the gallery or secret accents inside the shank infuses subtle glamour.

Dazzling Designs

For the one who loves to shine, GOODSTONE offers engagement rings that truly make a statement. Low-set diamond rings hug the finger, keeping your diamond safe, while pavé-set diamonds on the band add a continuous sparkle.

Sleek Modernity

For the admirer of modern and contemporary style, GOODSTONE offers an array of sculptural rings, where innovative design meets fashion-forward thinking. Our collection includes rings that defy traditional forms, perfect for those who seek something unique.

Trilogy of Love

Embrace the symbolism and beauty of three stone engagement rings at GOODSTONE. Each stone in these rings represents a significant chapter in your journey: the past, present, and future. This design not only tells a story but also offers a striking aesthetic balance, combining the central diamond with complementary side stones for added brilliance. Ideal for those who cherish deep meaning in their jewelry, a three stone ring is a testament to love's enduring narrative.

Radiant Halo Charm

Discover the enchanting allure of halo engagement rings at GOODSTONE. These rings feature a stunning central diamond encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds, creating an effect of amplified brilliance and grandeur. Perfect for those who seek a ring with a breathtaking "wow" factor, our halo designs enhance the size and sparkle of the center stone, making it a captivating symbol of your love story. Explore our collection to find a ring that radiates elegance and timeless beauty.

Metal Options

Selecting the right precious metal for your engagement ring is a key decision in the ring design process at GOODSTONE. Whether your partner is drawn to the classic elegance of yellow, white, or rose gold, or the enduring strength of platinum, their preference is crucial. A helpful tip is to observe the jewelry they usually wear, as it often indicates their favored metal and color. For more insights and guidance on choosing the perfect precious metal for your engagement ring, click below to explore our expert tips and tricks.

ring Sizes

Finding the precise ring size is crucial, and the most reliable method is a professional measurement by a jeweler. However, at GOODSTONE, we understand that a jeweler's visit might not always be feasible, especially for a surprise proposal. Fear not, as we provide alternative solutions. Our online ring sizing guide is equipped with practical at-home methods and discreet techniques to ascertain your partner's ring size. And to ensure complete peace of mind, GOODSTONE provides a free resize policy, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your special ring.

Ring Glossary

When selecting your ring setting, comprehending the terminology helps in pinpointing and articulating the style you envision. Dive into the different components that constitute an engagement ring:

Prong: Prongs are the small metal supports that secure diamonds or gemstones in place. Classic prongs resemble tiny metal beads encircling the center gem, while claw prongs offer a pointed, sleek appearance. Typically, engagement rings feature four to six prongs, ensuring the gem's safety and the ring's structure.

Integrated Head: Rings with an integrated head are crafted from a single metal piece, allowing the gemstone to sit lower and blend seamlessly with the band.

Basket: The basket setting holds the gemstone with prongs forming a basket-like shape. It's a favored choice for maximizing light passage while maintaining a low profile for the gem.

Trellis: Featuring elegantly interwoven prongs, a trellis setting intertwines metalwork to form a low, basket-like structure for the gemstone.

Compass Point: In a compass point setting, the gem is secured by prongs positioned at its cardinal points – North, South, East, and West.

Bezel: A bezel setting encircles the stone completely with metal, highlighting the gemstone with a modern edge and ensuring its security. Jewelry can also have a half-bezel setting where the metal covers only half of the piece.

Channel: Diamonds or gemstones are elegantly held between two metal walls in a channel setting, creating a sleek and smooth appearance.

Bar: Similar to the channel setting, the bar setting separates each gem with vertical metal "bars" for a distinct and secure design.

Cathedral: The cathedral setting features archways that rise gracefully to the center gem, creating a majestic and elevated presentation.

Pavé: French for "paved," this setting involves closely set accent diamonds or gemstones on the band, creating a sparkling, encrusted look. Variations include micro-pavé, French pavé, petite pavé, and scalloped pavé, each offering a unique sparkle.

Shank/Split Shank: The shank refers to the band's sides leading to the center gem. In a split shank design, the band splits into two strands on each side, converging at the gemstone.

Solitaire: The quintessential solitaire setting focuses solely on the center diamond, offering a timeless and undistracted display of beauty.

Three Stone: A three stone setting features a central gemstone flanked by two side stones, symbolically representing a couple's past, present, and future.

Halo: A halo setting encircles the center gem with smaller diamonds, amplifying its sparkle and visual impact for a truly glamorous effect.

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