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Chunky rings are a bold trend in jewelry, featuring wide bands, large gemstones, and textural designs like signet rings, cigar bands, and wide engagement or wedding bands. While stylish and attention-grabbing, they may not suit everyone's comfort or lifestyle. Considerations like fit, everyday wear, cost, and long-term style preferences are important when selecting the perfect piece. Prioritize quality and ethical sourcing when shopping for a chunky ring to ensure a timeless addition to your collection.

A Chunky Ring for Every Finger

Along with bold bangles and punk-inspired chains, a chunky ring is a must-have for any jewelry collection, and there are many ways to wear a bold gold look when it comes to dressing up your fingers. Whether it's wide band engagement rings, a chunky wedding band that's paired with a slimmer style, or a fashion statement you're making, chunky rings are a trend that's not only substantial in style but in staying power.

In a world full of delicate engagement ring choices and perfectly-paired wedding bands, though, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for chunky ring styles. Do you still want a center diamond? Is your personal preference for something simple and sleek or more elaborate patterns? Do you want rose gold or platinum? Are there certain styles that will offer a more flattering effect? Consider this your guide to chunky rings and how to pick them, pair them, and wear them with style.

GOODSTONE Harper Band 4mm

OurHarper Band 4mm in white gold - an easy last second gift

What is a Chunky Ring?

A "chunky ring" typically refers to a ring with a bold and substantial design, often characterized by a wide band, large proportions, and a noticeable presence on the finger. Chunky rings are available in myriad designs, feature diamonds, gemstones, or plain metal, and are made in a wide variety of metals including silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. They might feature:

  1. A Wide Band: Chunky rings often have a wider band compared to more delicate rings. The band may be flat or textured, adding to the overall boldness. The band can be the same fullness all the way around or a tapered style that is chunkier on top and slim under the finger, which is often more comfortable for regular wear.

  2. Large Gemstones: In certain styles like chunky engagement rings or signet rings, you can find larger, prominent gemstones as a focal point. This could be a large diamond or colorful gemstone in a variety of shapes.

  3. Textural Designs: Many chunky rings have textural, patterned designs, which might include engravings or three-dimensional effects like a ribbing or braided pattern. The increased surface area of a chunky ring offers more room for elaborate patterns or dramatic creations.

  4. Substantial Weight: Chunky rings will often feel heavier on the finger due to the amount of material used in their construction. This can contribute to a more substantial feel when worn, however there can also be hollowed out areas on the underside of larger rings to create a large look with a lighter weight.

It's good to keep in mind while shopping around for a chunky ring, that the term is somewhat subjective and can vary based on individual preferences and style trends. What is considered the perfect ring to one person may be different for another. Ultimately, the key feature of a chunky ring is its bold and substantial design that sets it apart from more delicate and understated ring styles.

Popular Chunky Ring Styles

Call them what you will, bold, chunky, and wide rings come in various styles and designs to suit different personal preferences. Here are some styles that often fall into the category of bold and wide rings:

  1. Signet Rings:With a long, storied history dating back to about 3500 BCE, signet rings originated from stamps pressed into soft clay to create stamps. They were often worn as a symbol of power and reverence. While their practical use as seals has diminished over time due to changes in communication methods, signet rings continue to be worn for their historical significance, family heritage, and as fashionable accessories. Many people wear signet rings today as a nod to tradition or to showcase personal symbols or initials. Today, modern signet rings often feature a flat or domed top with distinctive symbols or large gemstones set into them.

GOODSTONE Chunky Burnished Ring with an Oval Cut

Take a classic spin on tradition when adding theChunky Burnished Ring with an Oval Cut to your diamond ring collection - available ring white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold

  1. Cigar Bands:Reminiscent of the paper bands often wrapped around actual cigars, as a ring style, cigar bands are characterized by a wide, flat band and often have a bold and minimalist design. This style of chunky ring is quite versatile, and can feature a surface set with a pavé of natural diamonds, a bit of personalization via engraving or other stones such as birthstones, or a striking, bold look with a solid gold band and emphasized width.

GOODSTONE Pavè Cigar Band

The perfect ring to wear as a statement or add to a stack- ourPavé Cigar Band (10mm) shines with striking width

  1. Wide Engagement Rings:Modern life is full of contrasts, and engagement rings are no exception. Many prefer a barely-there engagement ring that puts the center diamond on showcase, while others prefer a chunky ring style that sets the diamond in a wide band or heavier-gold setting. This can create a large, attention-grabbing engagement ring that serves as a centerpiece to your style. A bolder setting can also make your center stone total carat weight appear slightly larger, while you can actually get a smaller stone and save on the price tag.

GOODSTONE Club Ring Solitaire Engagement Ring With an Asscher Cut Diamond

Chunky is in, especially when it comes to engagement rings- the fan favoriteClub Ring Solitaire Engagement Ring With an Asscher Cut Diamond in gold is bound to turn heads

  1. Wide Wedding Bands:Wide band rings worn alone as a wedding band, or in a stack with your engagement ring are also a modern look. Chunky rings with a broad surface can create an appealing contrast when worn with a more slender engagement ring. They can be simple and classic or feature natural diamonds, colored gemstones, or patterns and textures.

    GOODSTONE Multi Shape Channel Set Wedding band

    Pair ourMulti Shape Channel Set Wedding Band orChunky Channel Set Eternity Band with a thin engagement ring to mix up your diamond shapes

  2. Diamond Eternity Bands:Diamond eternity bands come in so many shapes, sizes, designs, and total carat weight options. You can find natural diamonds set into a simple pavé band or wide band rings set with colored gemstones, for instance. If you're looking to purchase an eternity band, keep in mind that they cannot be resized, so you'll want to ensure you're getting your finger sized prior to purchase. The brilliance of a wide eternity diamond band really can't be beat, though.

GOODSTONE Chunky Channel Set Eternity band

Upgrade any look with theChunky Channel Set Eternity band

  1. Statement Rings:If you're looking for a chunky ring that isn't necessarily a wide band engagement ring or wedding band, a statement ring is a great option and can be worn on any finger. This might be a style that features three-dimensional or sculptural elements, with unique shapes and contours that offer a strong visual impact. A pave diamond wrap band, for instance, offers a stunning look with just the right amount of sparkle.

The Pros and Cons of a Chunky Ring

Ultimately, the decision to choose a wider, chunkier ring style depends on your personal taste, lifestyle, and comfort preferences. It's advisable to try on different styles, consider the practical aspects, and consult with a jeweler to create a piece that not only looks beautiful but also aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Things to Consider:

  1. Comfort and Fit:Wider rings take up more space on your finger, which may not be comfortable for all folks, especially those not accustomed to wearing larger pieces of jewelry. It's essential to ensure a proper fit to avoid discomfort and potential issues with movement. You can also ask your jeweler about comfort fit wide band rings, which have a rounded inner circumference.

  2. Everyday Activities:Chunkier rings may interfere with everyday activities, especially if you have an active lifestyle or work with your hands frequently. Consider the practicality of the ring for your daily routine. Will this be a ring you wear all the time or only on special occasions?

  3. Cost:Larger and wider rings often require more materials, which can contribute to higher costs. Additionally, intricate designs and customizations may add to the overall expense. But even just the weight in gold or diamonds can add up.

  4. Trend and Style Changes:Fashion trends can change over time. While a chunky ring may be trendy now, it's essential to consider whether the style aligns with your long-term preferences and if it will stand the test of time.

  5. Weight:The weight of a chunkier ring may take some getting used to. Some people prefer lightweight jewelry, and a heavier ring might not be as comfortable for them.

  6. Resizing Challenges:Resizing wider rings can be more challenging compared to slimmer bands. It's important to get an accurate size initially, as resizing may be limited or alter the design. Make sure to get your finger sized with a wider sizer, as you may need to size up 1/2 ring size or more depending on the actual width and thickness of your wide band.

Buying the Highest Quality Chunky Ring

When shopping for a wide band engagement ring or wide wedding band, explore your chunky ring options and find a jeweler that you trust and enjoy their designs. Customization is also something to look for if you'd like to make your ring your own and create a style that stands out from the crowd.

At GOODSTONE, integrity and dedication guide us. Our commitments include ethical sourcing, top-tier craftsmanship, customer focus, and sustainability. These principles shape our legacy, with each jewel reflecting our steadfast values. Explore the essence of GOODSTONE throughour commitments.


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