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Pear Cut Engagement Rings

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Pear Cut Engagement Rings (29)
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Pear shaped engagement rings have become increasingly popular for those seeking a unique and elegant twist on traditional engagement rings. This distinctive shape, often referred to as a teardrop, combines the brilliance and depth of a round cut with the tapered point of a marquise diamond, creating a stunning hybrid. Pear shaped diamonds are renowned for their ability to elongate and flatter the finger, making pear cut engagement rings a coveted choice for future brides. Their asymmetrical shape adds a touch of individuality, setting them apart from more conventional choices. Whether set in a simple solitaire setting or paired with dazzling side stones, a pear shaped diamond ring makes a bold statement of sophistication and style. Learn more about pear shaped engagement rings here.

The Versatility of Pear Shaped Diamonds in Jewelry Design

In the world of fine jewelry, pear shaped diamonds are celebrated for their versatility and timeless appeal. Not limited to engagement rings, these exquisite gems are also a popular choice for pear diamond necklaces, earrings, and other fine jewelry pieces. The pear shape offers designers the freedom to create a range of styles, from minimalistic to intricate. When selecting a pear shaped diamond, it's important to consider the length-to-width ratio, as it significantly influences the stone's overall appearance. A well-proportioned pear diamond can exhibit exceptional brilliance and fire, captivating the eye and heart of anyone who beholds it. Whether in a pear engagement ring or a statement piece, pear shaped diamonds are a testament to enduring elegance and style.


A pear cut engagement ring (also called a teardrop diamond) is usually adorned with the pointed end directed away from the body, while the rounded end aligns towards the hand. This style is commonly placed on the ring finger of the left hand, although variations can occur based on cultural norms and individual choices. For further details, explore our Pear Cut Engagement Ring Guide.

A pear engagement ring features a unique design with one pointed and one rounded end, echoing the form of a teardrop. The pear shaped diamond, also known as the "pendeloque" cut, dates back to the 17th century. Its distinctive shape makes it a favored option for engagement rings, offering an elegant and unconventional appearance.

Pear cut diamonds offer several advantages that contribute to their popularity for engagement rings. Below are some benefits associated with choosing a pear cut diamond:

  • The elongated form of the pear diamond creates an optical effect that makes the finger look longer and more slender.
  • Compared to other diamond shapes with the same carat weight, it has a greater surface area, giving it a larger appearance.
  • The tapered point of the pear cut lends a distinctive and sophisticated flair to the ring.
  • The cut of a pear shaped diamond can effectively conceal inclusions or imperfections in the lower part of the gem, making it an ideal option for those seeking quality within a budget.

Here are five tips for selecting a pear cut diamond:

  1. Prioritize finding a diamond with an excellent cut to enhance its brilliance and fire.
  2. Decide on a length-to-width ratio that aligns with your personal taste.
  3. Evaluate the diamond's color and clarity. Opt for a nearly colorless diamond with minimal inclusions for optimal value.
  4. Contemplate the type of setting you prefer. A prong setting accentuates the diamond's distinctive shape, whereas a halo setting can make it seem larger.
  5. Work with one of our jewelers who can offer a range of high-quality diamonds and assist you in finding one that meets your budget and style preferences.

When selecting the ideal setting for a pear cut engagement ring, there are multiple options to contemplate. The prong setting is particularly popular, featuring a series of prongs that securely hold the diamond, emphasizing its distinctive shape. For added safeguarding, the bezel setting is a prime choice, enveloping the diamond in a metal frame, offering both security and reassurance. Those inclined towards more elaborate designs might find the halo setting appealing. This design encircles the pear cut diamond with smaller diamonds, producing an impressive halo effect that amplifies the main stone's sparkle. Additionally, for an elegant and unique appearance, a split shank setting is an excellent option. The band divides as it approaches the center stone, creating an exclusive and striking look.

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Thin + Simple Solitaire With 3.08ct Oval Cut by Good Stone in Yellow Gold

Thin + Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring With Oval Cut Diamond



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