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Ring Finger Size

Fear not. Finding your (or your partner's) finger size doesn't have to be hard. Here are GOODSTONE's tips for finding finger size reliably


Measuring Finger Size at Home

At GOODSTONE, we understand the importance of finding the perfect fit for your ring, ensuring both comfort and security. The most reliable methods for determining ring size involve professional tools used by jewelers. One effective approach is to use a ring stick or mandrel, a tapered rod with size markings, to measure a ring that your partner already wears on a similar finger. This method tends to be the most accurate, as it takes into account the size of a ring that comfortably fits the wearer. Alternatively, a finger size measuring tool, which typically comes in the form of a set of rings in various sizes, can be used to find the correct size directly on the finger. This method ensures a precise and custom fit. At GOODSTONE, we recommend these professional sizing methods to guarantee your special ring fits just right, symbolizing your commitment with ease and elegance.

Ring Size Chart

Our rings at GOODSTONE are designed in universally recognized US sizes, ensuring a seamless fit for everyone. Below, you'll find a detailed chart that correlates US sizes to finger circumference, along with their equivalents in international sizing standards. Whether you're choosing an engagement ring, a wedding band, or a fashion ring, you'll find that all our rings adhere to this consistent sizing format for your convenience.

PS - Size up a 1/2 size for any ring wider than 4mm

How Should my Ring fit?

Finding the right fit for a ring is crucial for both comfort and security. We emphasize that an ideally sized ring should glide smoothly over your knuckle with just a touch of resistance, ensuring it's neither too loose nor too tight. Once in place, the ring should feel comfortably snug on your finger, allowing for easy removal without the need for excessive force or tugging. This balance ensures your ring stays securely in place while providing a comfortable fit throughout the day.

What if I'm in between ring finger sizes?

We recommend opting for a .25 size larger if you find yourself between ring sizes. It's important to consider that finger sizes can vary during the day, and a ring that's too tight might struggle to pass over the knuckle, causing discomfort. If a ring is slightly loose, there are easy, temporary solutions you can apply at home for a better fit. However, resizing a ring to make it larger typically requires a jeweler's expertise. Don't forget, we also offer quarter sizes for those who need a more precise fit. If a half size isn't quite right, simply reach out to us, and we'll tailor a design to ensure your ring fits perfectly.

Sizing Beads:

Sometimes, a ring will pass over the knuckle perfectly but still wiggle & spin excessively at the base of the finger. This is because the knuckle itself is wider than the base of the finger. This is a common issue & is easily solved with sizing beads. "Sizing beads" are permenantly installed BB's inserted at the 4:30 and 7:30 positions inside the ring. These beads grip the finger and mitigate spinning. Talk to your GOODSTONE ring designer about whether sizing beads are an appropriate modification for your ring.

Finger Size Tips

At GOODSTONE, we want to ensure your ring not only looks perfect but fits perfectly too. Here are some tips to consider when determining your ring size:

  1. Measure the Correct Hand: Keep in mind that our dominant hand is typically slightly larger. Always measure the specific finger on which you plan to wear the ring.
  2. Account for Ring Design: The band width affects how a ring fits. Wider bands (over 4mm) tend to fit tighter, so consider going up at least half a size. Conversely, for very thin designs (less than 1.3mm), you might need to size down. Remember, ring widths are usually measured in millimeters, not inches.
  3. Consider Body Temperature: Your body temperature can influence finger size. Measure when your body temperature is normal, avoiding times when you are too cold or too hot.
  4. Measure at the Right Time of Day: Fingers can change size throughout the day due to various factors like hydration and diet. The best time to measure is in the middle or towards the end of the day for the most accurate sizing.
  5. Knuckle Size Matters: If you have a pronounced knuckle, measure both the knuckle and the base of your finger. Choose a size that's in between these measurements to ensure the ring can comfortably slide over the knuckle without being too loose or tight on the finger.

These tips will help guide you in selecting a ring that's not just beautiful but also a joy to wear every day.

Can all rings be resized?

No, not all rings can be resized. Rings with specific designs, such as eternity bands, open bands, etc, may not be suitable for resizing.

Free Resizing

GOODSTONE is proud to offer free resizing for life for all eligible ring designs. Simply reach out & we'll send an insured return label to take back the ring, resize, and ship back to you.

Ready to Start?

Ring Size FAQs

Yes! We offer quarter ring sizes too for increased precision.

No worries. Let us know &, if it's a type of ring that can be resized, we'll send you a return label to send the ring back. From there, we'll size the ring to your preferred finger size and ship it back to you. All for free.

The average woman's finger size is between a finger size 5 and finger size 7, though this can vary.

The average man's finger size is between a finger size 7.5 and finger size 10, though this can vary.