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Old Mine Cut Engagement Rings

GOODSTONE pieces symbolize love, commitment, and a shared future. With precision-crafted designs and perfectly cut diamonds, mark your special moment with timeless elegance.

Old Mine Cut Engagement Rings (28)
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Old mine cut engagement rings are characterized by their individuality. These antique diamonds showcase a squarish shape with soft, curved edges, reminiscent of cushion cut diamonds. Their unique charm lies in their differences compared to modern day cuts, old mine cut diamonds have a smaller table, a high crown, larger facets and open culet, forming a captivating glittering speck at the center of the stone. This vintage stone is sure to be adored by everyone.

The Versatility of Old Mine CUT Diamonds in Jewelry Design

Akin to a cushion cut diamond, old mine cut diamonds with their pillow-like appearance and gentle contour are easily integrated into various jewelry designs, such as being set as part of a larger diamond cluster, made into earrings, or enhanced by side stones for a glimmering one of a kind ring. An heirloom in the making, this antique gem can be the focal point of any vintage inspired engagement ring, passing down both tradition and elegance. 


While similar in shape as the old mine cut is considered the antique predecessor to the cushion cut, there are a few key differences.

  • Rarity: Old mine cut diamonds are rarer and considered antique, making them a sought-after choice for vintage jewelry enthusiasts, while cushion diamonds are readily available.
  • Facets: Old Mine-cut diamonds have fewer facets, and larger irregularly shaped facets that give them a more antique and less brilliant appearance. Cushions incorporate a mix of step-cut and brilliant-cut facets which enhance their brilliance and clarity.

Yes, old mine cut diamonds can either be lab grown or naturally sourced. Naturally sourced are vintage, and harder to find.

We offer both vintage style settings like our Vintage Ridge Shank Engagement Ring, and modern settings like the Penumbra Bezel Set Engagement Ring for old mine cuts. Both styles are beautiful!

“My husband and I recently updated our engagement ring with GOODSTONE and I could not recommend them enough!


Thin + Simple Solitaire With 3.08ct Oval Cut by Good Stone in Yellow Gold

Thin + Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring With Oval Cut Diamond



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