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Cushion Cut Wedding Bands

GOODSTONE pieces symbolize love, commitment, and a shared future. With precision-crafted designs and perfectly cut diamonds, mark your special moment with timeless elegance.

Cushion Cut Wedding Bands (11)

CUSHION Cut Wedding Bands

The cushion cut silhouette can be either square or elongated and rectangular, with smooth rounded corners that make for a special faceting offering endless brilliant sparkle. These timeless gems have evolved over centuries from the old mine cut, gaining recognition as one of the most popular and romantic options. The two choices for silhouette also grant designers the ability to craft wedding band styles that fit all tastes.


This type of diamond, characterized by its brilliant cut facets, closely resembles a Round Brilliant diamond but possesses a subtly more square-shaped appearance. It is available in two styles, elongated or square.

The cushion-cut diamond originated from the old mine diamond in the 18th century, and gained popularity during the Georgian and Victorian eras. It featured a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners and larger facets. Over time, advancements in diamond-cutting technology and its enduring appeal in the Art Deco period have contributed to the modern cushion cut, which blends step-cut and brilliant-cut facets, making it a wonderful choice for a wedding band or engagement ring.

A square cushion is more dainty and can be paired easier with other stones, but an elongated cushion can make the finger appear more slender. Both options have beautiful dazzle!


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Laura Graham
3.00ct Oval in a Thin & Simple Solitaire


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