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Sales Associate

At GOODSTONE, we weave together artistry, ethical practices, and a passion for perfection. Our commitment to crafting exquisite jewelry is paralleled only by our dedication to fostering talent. We believe in a workplace where creativity flourishes, values are upheld, and growth is a collective journey. Join our family and be a part of a brand that values legacy as much as luminescence.

Embarking on a journey with GOODSTONE as a Sales Closer signifies entering a realm where your passion for sales and fine jewelry converge. Your role is integral to nurturing the essence of luxury and personal connection that defines the GOODSTONE brand. Your responsibilities encompass:

  • Engaging with warm, in-bound leads, orchestrating a seamless transition from inquiry to cherished ownership.
  • Delivering unparalleled one-on-one consultation services, illuminating our exquisite collection, and aiding clients in discovering jewelry that echoes their individual stories and refined tastes.
  • Cultivating enduring relationships with clients, instilling a profound sense of trust and loyalty.
  • Achieving and surpassing sales targets, thereby driving GOODSTONE's flourishing growth.
  • Symbiotic collaboration with our marketing and design mavens to enrich the client experience and amplify the brand’s resonance.

This high-earning potential role offers a competitive base salary coupled with a lucrative commission structure, designed to reward your dedication, prowess, and exemplary achievements.

  • A minimum of 3 years of triumphant experience in high-end retail sales, with a preference for expertise within the fine jewelry sphere.
  • Exceptional interpersonal finesse and communication prowess.
  • A profound appreciation and discerning understanding of fine jewelry and its craftsmanship.
  • Innate ability to establish rapport, delivering a tailored, opulent service experience to every distinguished client.
  • Self-propelled motivation, paired with an unyielding drive to exceed sales targets while epitomizing the GOODSTONE brand ethos.
  • Residency in Austin, TX or the willingness to relocate to this vibrant city.

In the luminous world of GOODSTONE, success transcends mere numerical sales figures. Our measures of success are multi-faceted, encompassing:

  • Client Satisfaction: Embodied by stellar reviews, heartfelt recommendations, and a legacy of repeat business.
  • Sales Performance: Persistent achievement or surpassing of sales aspirations.
  • Brand Representation: Unyielding upholding and enhancement of the GOODSTONE brand prestige.
  • Relationship Building: The art of forging and nurturing long-term relationships with clients, metamorphosing them into revered brand advocates.

We invite you to be at the vanguard of a fast-evolving, passionate team, carving timeless narratives through exquisite jewelry. If you're poised to elevate your illustrious sales career within a realm synonymous with luxury and quality, we warmly invite you to submit your resume alongside a cover letter elucidating why you epitomize the quintessence of the Sales Closer we seek at GOODSTONE.

  • 50-65K + commission + discretionary bonus

If you resonate with our values and see yourself contributing to our luminous journey, we would be delighted to hear from you.

1. Prepare your updated resume and a cover letter detailing why you'd be the perfect fit for GOODSTONE.

2. Send your application to

Our team will review all applications and reach out to shortlisted candidates for the next steps.

Join us in crafting stories, one gem at a time.