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Asscher Cut Wedding Band

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Asscher Cut Wedding Band (7)


Developed more than 100 years ago in Holland by Joseph Asscher, the asscher cut diamond is the multifaceted beautiful blend of round and emerald shapes. Asscher cut diamonds feature a square shape with delicately cut diamond corners. These clipped edges create ascending step cuts, designing a staircase of stunning sparkle that look magnificent in wedding bands.

ASSCHER CUT wedding bands FAQ

In 1902, Mr. Joseph Asscher, of the renowned Asscher Diamond Company in Amsterdam, introduced this unique cut, aimed at accentuating the gem's inherent depth and transparency. Asscher diamonds are characterized by their square or technically octagonal shape, essentially a square with four trimmed corners. Upon initial inspection, it seems to take on an almost octagonal appearance, displaying a remarkable level of brightness, brilliance, and crystal-clear clarity.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to asscher cut diamonds but here are some of our favorite wedding band styles:

The key differences between these two cuts are in their shape and facets.

  • Shape: The Asscher cut features a square shape with trimmed corners, giving it an almost octagonal appearance. It is known for its step-cut facets and a pronounced depth that enhances the diamond's clarity, compared to a cushion that has a more rounded square or rectangular shape with softened corners, resembling a pillow.
  • Typically, Asscher cut diamonds have 58 facets, which are arranged in a step-cut fashion. These facets create a hall-of-mirrors effect, emphasizing clarity but with less brilliance. Cushion cut diamonds can have varying numbers of facets, usually between 58 and 64. The combination of step-cut and brilliant-cut facets enhances both brilliance and sparkle.

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