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Setting A Budget

When embarking on the journey to select the perfect engagement ring at GOODSTONE, setting a budget is a crucial first step. It’s about finding a balance that feels right, taking into account both your financial comfort and the significance of this special purchase. Our guide is designed to help you navigate this process with ease, providing insights and tips to ensure that your choice aligns with both your heart and your financial realities.


To Start

At GOODSTONE, we're familiar with the old adage suggesting that an engagement ring should cost about three months' salary. Interestingly, this guideline originated from a 1930s marketing campaign by a major diamond producer, rather than any longstanding tradition.

We believe that the value of an engagement ring goes beyond its price tag; it's a symbol of love and commitment that lasts a lifetime. Every couple's journey is unique, and so should be their approach to setting a budget. It's about what feels right for you, whether that means investing more than three months' salary or choosing something more modest. Our priority is your comfort and confidence in this significant decision, ensuring the ring you select is a true reflection of your love, without any prescribed spending rules.

Maximizing budget

After setting your budget, the next exciting step at GOODSTONE is to discover the range of engagement rings that align with your financial plan. There's an art to maximizing your budget, and we're here to guide you through it. Our expert team can show you how to smartly allocate your resources, ensuring you find the perfect ring within your means. From selecting the right diamond cut to balancing size with quality, we have a variety of strategies to help you get the most value without compromising on beauty or significance. With GOODSTONE, finding the right ring that fits both your budget and your dreams is a journey we're thrilled to embark on with you.

Bang for Buck

We understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between elegance and budget. Our solitaire engagement rings exemplify this balance beautifully. As the most budget-friendly setting, the solitaire focuses on simplicity and sophistication, allowing the spotlight to shine on the central diamond. This means a greater portion of your budget can be allocated to selecting a higher quality or larger diamond, ensuring your ring makes a statement with its stunning brilliance. Ideal for those who appreciate understated elegance, solitaire rings offer the perfect canvas to highlight the natural beauty of your chosen diamond without the distraction of additional embellishments.

More Sparkle

Choosing an intricately designed setting with a smaller central diamond is a savvy way to achieve a dazzling effect at GOODSTONE without a hefty price tag. Since diamond prices rise significantly with size, opting for smaller accent diamonds like halos or side stones can offer ample sparkle at a lower cost. This approach allows for a stunning ring that shines brilliantly while aligning gracefully with your budget.

fancy Shaped diamonds

At GOODSTONE, we recognize that while round diamonds are traditionally the most sought-after for engagement rings, choosing a fancy-shaped diamond can offer significant savings. Natural diamonds in shapes like oval (a close second in popularity), pear shape, or cushion can be less expensive than their round counterparts. Opting for these alternative shapes not only provides a unique aesthetic but also allows you to maximize the size of the diamond within your budget.

Three Stone Engagement rings

Opting for one of our exquisite three stone engagement rings is a fantastic strategy for budget optimization at GOODSTONE. A three stone engagement ring not only embodies timeless romance but also offers practical value, giving you the opportunity to have a symbolically rich and visually stunning piece without overstretching your budget.

Eternity band with no Center stone

An alternative affordable option at GOODSTONE is to consider an eternity band in place of a traditional ring with a larger center stone. Eternity bands, adorned with continuous sparkling diamonds or intricate details, create a stunning and elegant effect. This choice offers a timeless and sophisticated look, perfect for those who prefer a unique and continuous sparkle.


Flexible Payment

At GOODSTONE, we're committed to making your engagement ring purchase a smooth and worry-free experience with our array of flexible payment options. We provide 12-month financing subject to credit approval, ensuring you can comfortably manage the cost over time. With Shop Pay, enjoy the convenience of easy monthly payments, including options for 0% APR financing. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards & Apple Pay.

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