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Explore the captivating world of radiant and cushion cut diamonds, two popular choices that bring unique flair and brilliance to engagement rings. Whether you're drawn to the sleek, modern lines of the radiant cut or the soft, romantic curves of the cushion cut, our guide helps you make an informed decision, ensuring your engagement ring is as brilliant and unique as your love story.

When it comes to the wide world of diamond shapes you can choose for your engagement ring, there are two popular contenders currently reigning supreme: the radiant cut and the cushion cut. These distinct shapes each bring a unique flair to the table for folks desiring an elongated diamond shape. Yet, each appeals to different tastes and personalities. So, if you find yourself torn between these two sparkling beauties while on the quest for the perfect engagement ring, fear not! We're here to shed some light on the matter and help you make an informed decision that's as brilliant as the stones themselves.

GOODSTONE Cushion cut and radiant cut engagement rings

A side by side comparison of the (top)Three Stone Engagement Ring with Shield Side Stones and an Elongated Cushion cut Diamond and (bottom)Three Stone Engagement Ring with Shield Side Stones and a Radiant cut Diamond.

The Shape of Things

Let's start at the beginning, with what each of these shapes actually looks like. A radiant cut diamond is a rectangular shape or square-shaped diamond with trimmed corners and a brilliant faceted pattern that resembles a starburst. It's the ultimate blend of sleek lines and dazzling sparkle, offering a modern and sophisticated look. If you like the outline of an emerald cut diamond but want more sparkle like a round diamond, a radiant cut diamond engagement ring might be right up your alley. Their clean, straight lines are very modern and geometric.

On the other hand, cushion cut diamonds are softer and curvier, often described as a romantic's dream. They can be square shape or elongated, but instead of sharp, clean lines, cushion cut diamonds have rounded corners and gently curved sides. They truly do resemble a cushion or pillow shape and have larger facets that create a timeless, vintage-inspired appearance. It's like wrapping your finger in a cloud of sparkle.


Our most popular Radiant cut engagement ring the, East West Half Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring With Elongated Radiant Cut Diamond.

GOODSTONE Triad with mixed cushion cut diamonds

Play with elongated cushion cut diamond shapes and create your own dream ring.

The Personality Play

Radiant cut diamonds are bold, confident, and unapologetically modern. If you're drawn to sleek, contemporary aesthetics and crave attention-grabbing brilliance, the radiant cut is your perfect match. It's for those who aren't afraid to stand out in a crowd and make a statement that sparkles from across the room.

Cushion cut diamonds are classic, romantic, and endlessly charming. The cushion cut is for the hopeless romantics who adore the vintage allure of days gone by. It's a timeless choice that whispers of love stories old and new, and makes a beautiful choice in a wide variety of engagement ring styles as a versatile diamond shape alternative to a round or oval cut diamond.

GOODSTONE Three Stone Engagement Ring with Shield Side Stones and a Radiant cut Diamond

Drip in elegance with the,Three Stone Engagement Ring with Shield Side Stones and a Radiant cut Diamond.

The Pros and Cons

Radiant Cut:

  • Pros: Exceptional brilliance and fire, hides inclusions well, versatile for different setting styles.

  • Cons: May show more body color, requires precise cutting to maximize brilliance.

Cushion Cut:

  • Pros: Soft, romantic appearance, hides color well, suits various settings including vintage and halo.

  • Cons: May lack the intense sparkle of other cuts, can show more inclusions due to larger facets.

GOODSTONE Club Ring Solitaire Engagement Ring With an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond

Go for a chunky, modern engagement ring setting with the,Club Ring Solitaire Engagement Ring With an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond.

Comparing the 4Cs

Cut: Ahh, the most important of the 4Cs. Diamond cut has a big impact on the overall appearance of any diamond shape. Not only will a well-cut diamond sparkle more, but it can help hide inclusions and even make your diamond appear larger than its carat weight. There are no official cut grades for fancy shaped diamonds, however, so you'll need to rely a bit more on looking for well-proportioned stones with excellent polish and symmetry for the best results.

You'll also want to consider the length-to-width ratios for each of these shapes, as they come in even squares with a 1:1 ratio or elongated cushion cut diamonds or elongated radiant cut diamonds that have more rectangular shapes and larger ratios like 1:3 if you like a more skinny, stretched out style stone.

The Crushed Ice Effect: When it comes to shopping for cushion cut diamonds, you'll also hear the term "crushed ice" quite often. Traditional cushion cut diamonds have larger facets that showcase their brilliant play of light, but the crushed ice variation of this cut has gained popularity for its modern and mesmerizing sparkle, with smaller pavilion facets that lead to a more broken-up dispersal of light. The result? Tons of glittering sparkle. It's good to look at both options to see what you like.

Color: Radiant cut diamonds may show color more readily due to their faceting style, while cushion cuts tend to hide color better. Opting for higher color grades can help enhance the beauty of either shape, however, many folks are opting for warmer, champagne-hued diamonds these days, so ultimately the preference is up to you.

Clarity: Radiant cut diamonds, with their numerous facets (they have 70, which is more than the typical 57 or 58 of other diamond shapes), can mask inclusions effectively. Cushion cuts may reveal more inclusions due to their larger facets. The crushed ice-style cushion cut can help disguise more. But if you're looking for a truly flawless appearance, you can choose a higher clarity grade.

Carat: Both radiant and cushion cuts tend to be cut a bit deeper than other diamond shapes, which means some of their carat weight is hiding in the depth rather than the top-down visual spread of the diamond. Basically this means they can face up a bit small. However, especially with elongated stones, these shapes can have excellent finger coverage and offer a unique presence in your engagement ring.

GOODSTONE Thin + Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring With Elongated Radiant Cut Diamond

A simple and classic choice the,Thin + Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring With Elongated Radiant Cut Diamond.

Price Points

When shopping for engagement rings and pricing diamonds, the biggest factors to consider are the 4Cs, which determine any diamond's price. But there are a couple of other general tips to keep in mind. Firstly, that round brilliant cut diamonds are more expensive than any other diamond shape. This is because they are the most popular and they don't make the best use of the rough diamond crystal, resulting in carat weight lost to the cutting room floor.

Other shapes can save you significantly, including radiant and cushion cut diamonds. Keep in mind that these shapes, particularly radiant cut diamonds, make up less of the market, so finding a perfect one that suits your budget might take a bit more hunting. Generally, radiant cut diamonds may be priced slightly higher than cushion cuts due to their intricate faceting and demand for precise cutting. However, as always, prices will vary depending on factors such as carat weight, color, clarity, and overall quality.

GOODSTONE Triad Engagement Ring With Cushion Cut Diamonds

Mix and match shapes in your wedding stack, featuring theTriad Engagement Ring With Cushion Cut Diamonds.

The Ring Thing

You'll also want to consider the type of engagement ring setting you want and what will look best with the diamond shapes you love. For instance, cushion cut diamonds tend to look really at home in softer, sparkly settings like halo settings or three-stone settings paired with pear-cut side diamonds, echoing the curves of the cushion. Radiant cut diamonds tend to look best when in more sleek, modern, angular settings.

You can also set elongated cushions or radiant cut diamonds in an east-west setting, where the stone faces horizontally across the finger instead of running parallel to your finger's length. This modern twist makes for a unique solitaire engagement ring that makes the most of an elongated diamond shape's length-to-width ratio and can give the optical illusion of a larger diamond as well.

Final Sparkling Thoughts

In the radiant cut vs cushion cut debate, there's no wrong choice—only the perfect fit for you and your partner. Whether you're drawn to the modern appeal of the radiant cut or the timeless romance of the cushion cut, both shapes promise a lifetime of sparkle and joy.

You can shop our entire collection of engagement rings to gather inspiration, and remember that we love to custom create the perfect ring setting for you, and help you source the diamond of your dreams.

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