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The goodstone Story

A Passion Sparked

On January 9, 2016, a journey began with Blake selling his very first custom engagement ring to a very happy bride and groom to-be. But the story of GOODSTONE isn't a tale of centuries-old traditions passed down through generations. It's the narrative of a visionary who saw beyond the glass cases and conventional paths of the jewelry industry.

The Unconventional Jeweler

Blake isn't your typical jeweler. Without the lineage of a 4th generation family jeweler, nor the backdrop of an opulent showroom, Blake brings something fresh to the table — a genuine desire to be distinct. This wasn't about the grandeur of vast jewelry cases or slick sales pitches. For Blake, it was a quest to offer something valuable and honest to those stepping into life's pivotal moments.

Redefining Luxury

What started as a passion project quickly transitioned into a full-fledged venture, one that stood out remarkably in its approach. By eschewing the norms — high mark-ups, aggressive sales tactics, and sub-par inventory — Blake showed that luxury isn't defined by price tags but by authenticity and craftsmanship.

Beyond the Numbers

GOODSTONE's success isn't just about the figures. It's the stories of countless people who chose our pieces as symbols of their love. Our achievements aren't financial milestones; they are the testimonies of satisfied patrons who found value, beauty, and meaning in our creations.

From Texas, With Authenticity

From Texas and an unexpected path away from medicine, Blake reshaped the jewelry realm. His unique, grounded approach set GOODSTONE apart. With us, you connect to genuine individuals valuing authentic luxury.

Our Promise

As we craft each piece, our commitment remains steadfast: to provide heirloom-quality jewelry that stands as a testament to our dedication to quality, authenticity, and your unique story.

Join us in this sparkling journey, crafted with care and passion, spearheaded by Blake — a real person with a real dream.


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