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Pair Up: Matching Pear Shaped Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

So, you've found that one-of-a-kind, pear-shaped engagement ring that perfectly captures your unique love story and personal style? Congratulations! Now comes the hard part: finding the perfect wedding band to complement that stunning rock. While pear-shaped engagement rings possess a certain je ne sais quoi, what with their distinctive silhouette and timeless brilliance, they're not always the easiest when it comes to matching your engagement ring with a just as stunning wedding band. But don't you worry, we're here to make it super fun and easy! Here's your ultimate guide to pairing pear shaped engagement rings with wedding bands:

What Makes a Pear so Standout?

Let's first talk a little about what the pear shaped diamond ring really is — besides beautiful! A pear shaped diamond is unique in that it's really the only major diamond shape that is asymmetrical. Its teardrop, pear shape, has one end that is rounded and one sharp pointed end. It is most often set vertically, or north-south on engagement rings, parallel with the finger, though today you can find some cool modern designs that play up its asymmetry setting it east-west across the band. Pear diamonds offer a lot of beautiful brilliance with an eye-catching shape that stands out in a sea of round diamonds. But they can definitely be a bit tougher to find flattering settings and matching bands due to their unique shape.

GOODSTONE Pear engagment ring stack

Let your stack speak for itself with ourwedding band collection.

Curves and Contours

When selecting a wedding band for a pear-shaped diamond ring, the first thing to remember is that you should look for a wedding band that complements its curves rather than competing with them. Some of the best wedding bands for the pear cut are curved wedding bands or contour bands, which mimic the shape of the pear diamond, gently hugging it in a seamless, harmonious look when worn together.

A curved wedding band can be a simple gold or platinum band with a smooth finish, or it can be set with pavé diamonds for an extra sparkly look. No matter your personal preference, you can also get a contour band customized to perfectly fit your particular solitaire center stone shape, so that they fit flush.

GOODSTONE Contoured Wedding Band

TheContoured Wedding Bandcreates seameless curves and a gorgeous flush fit.

GOODSTONE Contoured Wedding Band

An up close look of the seamless stack.

Matchy Matchy

While you certainly don't want to overwhelm your pear-cut engagement rings with too much competition, there's nothing that says you love this shape more than a matching wedding band boasting several more pear-shaped diamonds! We actually really love the bold overall look of a this bezel-set midi band set with alternating pear-cut diamonds paired with any engagement ring, but especially with a pear. This look isn't for the faint of heart, of course. But if you're up to the task of rocking two brilliant pieces in a jaw-dropping stack, then we're all for it.

GOODSTONE Midi Bezel Set Halfway Wedding Band With Alternating Pear Cuts.

Match shapes and add a bezel with the,Midi Bezel Set Halfway Wedding Band With Alternating Pear Cuts.

Mixing it Up

But then again, who says your engagement ring and wedding band have to match perfectly? You can embrace your individual style by mixing metals, textures, or diamond shapes for a unique, personalized look. Our signature wedding band collection offers a wide selection of everything from vintage inspired wedding bands to clean, modern styles to bands that are totally on-trend. We love playing mix and match with your pear-cut ring by pairing it with, say, emerald cuts, tiny round diamonds, or even this cool half-and-half eternity band!

GOODSTONE  (top) Baby Bezel Set Halfway Wedding Band With East West Emerald Cuts and (bottom) Petite Reversible Diamond Eternity band (Oval Cut /Radiant Cut).

Make your stack unique with different cuts like the, (top) Baby Bezel Set Halfway Wedding Band With East West Emerald Cutsand (bottom)Petite Reversible Diamond Eternity band (Oval Cut /Radiant Cut).

Understated Elegance

Since the beauty of a pear-shaped engagement ring lies in its simplicity and grace, you can also let it stand out by opting for a classic plain band or simple pavé wedding band featuring small accent diamonds that enhance rather than overshadow your center stone's brilliance. For a chunky gold ring look that's very "now", you can go with a bolder width or a butter knife edge that adds some dimension to the look. We love a bold gold band paired with a slim solitaire engagement ring.

GOODSTONE Butter Knife Edge Ring (4mm).

Less is more, especially with the Butter Knife Edge Ring (4mm).

Theme Park

One of the best ways to create a harmonious pairing of engagement rings and wedding rings is to choose a theme for your look, and follow through. Sure, there's metal choice such as going with all rose gold, all yellow gold, and so on. But what about the details? If you are choosing a floral inspired engagement ring, then maybe you play it up with a floral inspired wedding band. If you're doing a pear cut halo setting for your engagement ring, with tiny sparkling diamonds all the way around, then try a diamond band to echo the look. If you love Art Deco, then... well, you get the idea.

Custom Creations

If you still can't quite find the perfect wedding band to complement your pear-shaped engagement ring, then why not create your own? Our design team is ready to work with you on bringing your dream engagement ring and wedding band look to life. We'll tailor everything to your preferences and budget and help you find the perfect pairing or ring stack to capture your love story for a lifetime. Whether it's adding intricate detailing, incorporating meaningful gemstones, or simply finding the right flush fit, a custom wedding band ensures a match that's as unique as you.

Finding your Dream Pair

Remember, the journey to finding the perfect wedding band for your pear-shaped engagement ring is all part of the adventure. A pear-shaped diamond doesn't have to be intimidating, with its asymmetrical shape and classic styling. You can make it whatever you want—from traditional to modern, petite to bold. Just enjoy the process, trust your instincts, and above all, let your love shine through in every sparkling detail.



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