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The cushion cut diamond, originating in the 19th century as the "old mine cut," is a timeless choice for engagement rings, favored by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Meghan Markle. When shopping, consider factors like cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, exploring various settings to match your style and budget. Whether you prefer a classic solitaire or a more elaborate halo design, the cushion cut diamond offers versatility and sophistication to celebrate your love story.

Sumptuous curves, soft corners, incredible sparkle. What's not to love about the cushion cut diamond? Well, in our book — nothing much. Not simply a sophisticated classic diamond shape, the cushion cut diamond is also totally on trend in the world of jewelry and engagement rings, and we're about to find out why. In this deep dive dedicated to the cushion diamond, you'll discover the rich history, intricate details, romantic appeal, and brilliant nuances that make cushion cut diamonds a coveted choice for couples seeking the perfect blend of tradition and modern allure.

Elongated Cushion cut diamon solitaire engagement ring

A jaw dropping 4 carat elongated cushion cut diamond in our Thin & Simple solitaire

But First, the Basics

What is a cushion cut diamond? We're glad you asked! At its core, a cushion-cut diamond is a square or rectangular shape gem with rounded corners, resembling a plush pillow. It also has rounded sides, rather than straight lines, giving it an all-over soft appearance and romantic charm. It's a timeless diamond cut that boasts a symmetrical arrangement of tons of brilliant facets that reflect light back to you.

The unique facet arrangement of cushion-cut diamonds contributes to their distinctive sparkle. While traditional cushion cuts have large facets that showcase a brilliant play of light, there is also a variation referred to as a "crushed ice cushion cut" which has gained popularity for its modern and mesmerizing sparkle. The crushed ice cushion cut diamond has smaller pavilion facets (the bottom of the diamond), leading to a more broken-up light dispersal and tons of glittering sparkle. This allows you to choose a cushion cut that aligns with your personal style.

Three stone engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond

Pair your cushion with some shield side stones for a unique three stone ring

The History of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Let's take a little trip back in time. Cushion cuts, while seemingly a modern sweetheart of the diamond world, actually date back to the 19th century, where they were originally known as the "old mine cut." These diamonds were handcrafted to reflect the environments of the time — i.e. to sparkle under candlelight — with smaller tables, higher crowns, and larger facets than modern brilliant cut diamonds.

These antique diamonds, the predecessor to today's modern cushion cut diamond shapes, can still be found on the market and they offer a warm, glowy appearance instead of more modern bright white brilliance. It's a unique charm that any vintage lover can appreciate if that's your thing. Just keep in mind that antique diamonds, cut and polished by hand, often have chunkier, slightly less symmetrical facets.

Today, cushion brilliant cut diamonds are cut with exceptional technology and the shape has been highly refined to enhance the stone's brilliance. Even celebrities are loving cushion cut engagement rings, including Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and Meghan Markle. The cushion diamond, without a doubt, is here to stay as a versatile shape that seamlessly blends both traditional and contemporary engagement ring settings.

shared prong cushion cut wedding ring

A custom version of our Constellation Shared Prong Wedding band with Cushion cut diamonds

Diamond Cut and Length-to-Width Ratio:

There are several factors to consider before you shop cushion cut diamonds to ensure you find the stone shape, light performance, and fire you're looking for. First thing first: square or rectangle? Do you like a nice even cushion with a 1:1 length-to-width ratio that looks like a soft square? Or do you prefer a more elongated cushion that's a rounded rectangular stone? It really comes down to personal preference, however there is also availability to account for. Most of the market for cushion-cut diamonds will be in the 1:1 - 1:2 ratios, with more elongated cushion cuts being harder to find. Not impossible, however. Elegant either way, the cushion diamond's appearance always comes down to the quality of its cut.

Why is this? Well, because cut (the most important of the 4Cs) has the biggest impact on a diamond's brilliance. But you won't find a cut grade listed on any cushion cut diamond certificate because there is no industry standard for the cut of any fancy-shaped diamond — only for round diamonds. What you can look for, however, is excellent polish, symmetry, and proportions. So keep these at the top of your list.

square cushion and elongated cushion cut solitaire engagement rings

While both cushion cut diamonds, elongated cushion cuts differ from square cushions in their length:width ratios

elongated cushion and oval cut cushion bezel setting engagement rings

Your setting style can change the silhouette of your diamond - notice how both an Oval & an Elongated cushion cut look comparable when set in our Bezel Set Engagement rings

The 4Cs of Cushion Cut Diamonds:

Like all diamond shapes, cushion cut diamonds are evaluated and priced based on the four Cs as a whole: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Cut is the most important, but color is the second most noticeable quality to the naked eye, and in cushion cut diamonds this is especially true. This deeper-cut shape can display the diamond's body color a bit more than in other shapes. So if you want a super-white diamond ring, you'll probably want to avoid going lower than the G-H color range.

On the other hand, the exceptionally bright and numerous facets of a cushion-cut diamond can help disguise some diamond inclusions so you can go a bit lower in clarity grade and still find yourself a beautiful, eye-clean diamond. Cushion diamonds and their unique attributes offer a wonderful balance.

No matter what stone shape you choose, it's important to remember that carat is a measure of a diamond's weight, not its size. And that weight can be distributed quite differently from one diamond to another. Sure, you can purchase a higher carat weight, but if the diamond is not cut well, you may end up with a dull rock on your finger. So bigger wouldn't necessarily be better. Square-ratio cushion cut diamonds will face up about the same visual size as a comparable carat weight round diamond, while elongated cushion cut diamonds will face up a bit larger simply because that weight is more spread out.

4 carat elongated cushion cut engagement ring

The Club ring with a 5 carat Cushion cut

The Price of Cushion Cut Diamonds

In terms of pricing, cushion cut diamonds offer a versatile range. While they may be priced slightly higher than some shapes due to their popularity, they will still save you money when compared to round diamonds, which are the most expensive. One way to save significantly is to explore lab created cushion cut diamonds, as these can offer 40-50% savings over a comparable natural cushion cut diamond.

Lab created, or lab grown, diamonds are the same material as natural, mined diamonds, however they are created under high pressure and temperature conditions in a high-tech lab environment instead of deep within the Earth. With spectacular fire, scintillation and brilliance — no different from those found in Earth-mined diamonds — lab-grown diamonds make a beautiful, affordable choice for engagement rings.

For those desiring sustainable engagement rings, lab created diamonds are also an excellent choice. By utilizing high-tech processes, which require less energy than mining techniques, lab grown diamonds provide a lower carbon footprint, which makes them an environmentally and human-rights friendly choice.

Engagement Ring Settings for Cushion Cut Diamonds

With their unique shape and exceptional brilliance, cushion cut diamonds complement a variety of engagement ring settings. From classic solitaires to elaborate halos and hidden halos, this versatile and timeless diamond shape allows for a range of stunning designs to suit any style. Consider a platinum setting for a luxurious touch or explore yellow gold for a warm, timeless appeal.

Sophisticated Solitaires

A classic choice that can go both modern or traditional, solitaire cushion cut diamond engagement rings are a "can't-go-wrong" choice. By selecting one with a slender band and prongs, you get a classic look with a bit of a twist — the diamond shape standing out from the round diamond crowd. Choose an elongated cushion cut diamond and you'll have more finger coverage, set traditionally or in an east-west style setting so the diamond lays across your finger instead of up and down.

If you want something a bit more modern, with a stone shape that's emphasized, a half-bezel engagement ring setting does the trick. But if you want to go all out and really show off the cushion cut's rounded corners, our chunky gold ring — the Good Stone Club — says goodbye to dainty, hello to bold. This ring features a thick, tapered shank and fat, bathtub-style bezel case with pointed prongs. This ring gives your cushion cut diamond more "presence" without distracting from the elite, Good Stone sparkle. Perfect for an engagement ring proposal or a diamond re-set.

Elongated cushion cut enagement ring

Oval stones are an elegant & popular choice for pairing with cushion cut engagement rings

Something with Side Stones

Cushion cut engagement rings also come with plenty of side stone style. A halo engagement ring circles your center stone with tons of glitter (one row or two, up to you), and can give your engagement ring an overall larger appearance on your hand. Besides a halo engagement ring, three-stone ring styles are flattering for a cushion cut diamond, whether with a traditional set of baguette side stones, or as a trio of more similarly-sized cushion cuts in our Triad Engagement Ring.

three stone triad engagement ring with square cushions

When one isn't enough - Three perfectly shaped cushion diamonds in our Triad ring with Cushion cuts

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Not reserved solely for engagement rings, cushion cut diamonds are also a popular choice for wedding rings and other diamond bands. Cushions, clustered together, make a beautiful, soft row of sparkle in a petite prong set style, or a major statement in a five-stone diamond ring, perfect for a right-hand ring or anniversary gift.

If you are matching a cushion cut engagement ring with a diamond band, choose matching metals and length-to-width ratios to achieve a cohesive look. For instance, if you prefer an elongated cushion cut diamond engagement ring, match your ring with an elongated cushion cut band.

Bezel set wedding band with cushions in yellow gold

A cushion cut engagement ring paired with a bezel set cushion cut wedding band

Shopping for Your Dream Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

In the grand tapestry of diamonds, the cushion cut will always shine. This unique diamond shape weaves together history, brilliance, and modern romance all in one beautiful tapestry. Whether you choose a traditional cushion cut or opt for the contemporary charm of crushed ice, cushion cut diamonds not only sparkle but also celebrate your love story love and beauty.

Explore our collection of signature cushion cut engagement rings and find one that's right for you, or set up a custom engagement ring consultation with our team of experts.


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