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Explore the rich history and evolution of gold wedding bands, from ancient symbols of infinite love to modern expressions of personal style and commitment. Delve into the diverse world of yellow, white, and rose gold options, karat purity, and the vast array of styles available, ensuring that your wedding band not only celebrates your love but also perfectly reflects your individual taste and lifestyle, making it a cherished piece for everyday wear.

Sure, they're timeless symbols of your everlasting commitment that both mark your special day and signify your love. But wearing a gold wedding band is also a major statement of your style. Along with engagement rings, wedding bands have been exchanged between partners since the ancient times. But you're not ancient, and you deserve a ring that captures your love story and feels just right for everyday wear. So let's delve into the evolution of gold wedding bands, their exquisite making, and the myriad styles you have to choose from so you can feel good about putting a ring on it on your own big day.

GOODSTONE gold wedding rings

Dress up your style and stacks withgold wedding bands.

A Brief History of Wedding Bands

The tradition of exchanging rings as a symbol of marriage dates back thousands of years, even to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. While these early rings were often made of materials such as hemp, leather, or bone, the circular shape, with no beginning or end, has always represented the infinite love or promise between two individuals.

As civilizations evolved, so too did the materials used for wedding bands. Prized for its rarity, beauty, and durability, gold emerged as the metal of choice for wedding rings among the elite and affluent. Its inherent qualities symbolized the enduring nature of marriage, making it a fitting choice for such a significant occasion.

Getting Golden With It

Gold wedding bands gained widespread popularity with global nobility during the Middle Ages, but over time, this tradition has transcended class boundaries and become ingrained in cultures around the world. Today, couples exchange wedding bands in ceremonies worldwide, with rings that suit their own modern tastes and preferences.

When exploring precious metals for your wedding bands, there are a few basics to know. First of all, gold comes in three primary options for color: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Each type of gold offers its own unique aesthetic and characteristics, allowing couples to select the perfect hue to complement their style. But all are durable enough for everyday wear. There are also many mixed metal designs if you prefer a look that combines two or three colors!

Yellow gold is the classic choice for wedding bands, exuding warmth and timeless elegance. Its rich, golden hue symbolizes prosperity and enduring love, making it a popular choice for traditionalists and romantics alike.

White gold is a bright, silvery alternative that offers a contemporary, sleek, and sophisticated appeal. Created by alloying yellow gold with white metals such as silver and palladium, white gold boasts a lustrous silver-white appearance that pairs beautifully with diamonds and other gemstones.

Rose gold has surged in popularity in recent years, with its romantic pinkish hue, offering a modern twist on the classic gold wedding band. Composed of a blend of yellow gold and copper alloys, rose gold exudes warmth and femininity, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a distinctive and romantic aesthetic.

Karat with a K

In addition to choosing the color of your bands, you can also choose the karatage of the metal. Karats denote the purity of the gold, with 24-karat gold being the purest form. The most common metals for gold wedding bands are 14-karat and 18-karat gold. These have been alloyed with other metals to increase their strength and make them durable enough to last a lifetime.

14 Karat Gold:Comprising 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% other metals, 14 karat gold strikes a balance between durability and purity. It is an excellent choice for couples seeking a wedding band that is both beautiful and resilient, as it is less prone to scratching and denting than higher karatages.

18 Karat Gold:With a gold content of 75%, 18 karat gold is prized for its richness and luxury. While slightly softer than 14-karat gold, it offers a higher level of purity and a deeper, more vibrant color. Couples who prioritize purity and value may opt for 18-karat gold wedding bands, knowing they are investing in a precious metal that will stand the test of time.

Your Style is the Right Style

Now to the fun stuff: style! From classic and understated to bold and fashion-forward, there's a ring style to suit everyone and every couple.

Classic Gold Bands

Classic wedding bands feature a simple, unadorned design that emphasizes the beauty of the gold itself. There are many timeless designs, characterized by their clean lines and smooth surfaces, making them versatile enough to complement any engagement ring or personal style.

GOODSTONE Butter Knife Edge Ring (4mm)

The Butter Knife Edge Ring (4mm), offers a simple and sleek look, tapered in the middle giving it a cutting edge feel.


GOODSTONE Nine Stone Claw Set Wedding Band With Cushion Cuts

Opt for a little sparkle withNine Stone Claw Set Wedding Band With Cushion Cuts, one our most popular wedding bands.

A Slip of a Thing

Delicate and refined, thin wedding bands offer a subtle and understated look. They are perfect for couples who prefer a minimalist aesthetic or wish to stack their wedding band alongside other rings for a layered look. The more the merrier!

GOODSTONE Rope Wedding Band (1.5mm)

Add to your stack with theRope Wedding Band (1.5mm), perfect for any finger.

GOODSTONE Compass Wedding Band with A Cushion Cut

The Compass Wedding Band with A Cushion Cut are perfect and dainty for any occasion and you can stack them overtime to represent your lovestory.


Big and Bold

Bold, striking, and totally on-trend, chunky gold rings as wedding bands make a statement with their substantial width and weight. These rings are ideal for couples who want their wedding bands to be a standout feature and are not afraid to embrace a more substantial design. They're also fantastic if you want to only wear one ring, instead of stacking them with an engagement ring.

GOODSTONE Chunky Channel Set Halfway Wedding band

Create a statement with your wedding band featuring our, Chunky Channel Set Halfway Wedding band.

GOODSTONE Finest Wedding Band (5mm)

Sleek and stylish, the Finest Wedding Band (5mm) offers edge with sophistication.

That's a Wrap

Featuring a slim wall of gold that encircles the entire circumference of your diamonds, bezel-set wedding bands offer a unique and modern twist on the traditional wedding ring. These rings are perfect for couples who want to add a touch of geometric design to their wedding bands and for added diamond or gemstone security.

GOODSTONE Baby Bezel Set Eternity Band With East West Emerald Cuts

The Baby Bezel Set Eternity Band With East West Emerald Cuts is our most popular bezel band, not just because of its beauty, but the fact that it looks good with any shape engagement ring.

GOODSTONE Midi Bezel Set Eternity Band With East West Oval Cuts

Opt for a an oval band with the, Midi Bezel Set Eternity Band With East West Oval Cuts.

Love Eternal

Symbolizing everlasting love, eternity wedding bands consist of a continuous row of gemstones or diamonds that encircle the entire band. These rings are a popular choice for couples celebrating milestone anniversaries or seeking a timeless and romantic symbol of their commitment. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and setting styles.

GOODSTONE Straight Edge Baguette Diamond Eternity band

Nothing says "I, Love You" like the, Straight Edge Baguette Diamond Eternity band.

Budget-Friendly Bands

While gold wedding bands are often associated with luxury and opulence, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available for couples who are mindful of their spending. Going smaller or more minimalist also gives you the chance to add more or bump up in the future, and there are countless ways to find a beautiful and affordable wedding band that suits your style and budget.

GOODSTONE Rope Wedding Band (3mm)

Our Rope Wedding Band (3mm), is the perfect wedding band under $800.

Put a Band on It

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of yellow gold, the contemporary allure of white gold, or the romantic charm of rose gold, in any unique style you choose, there are plenty to get your inspired in our extensive collection of signature wedding bands. Each is crafted by expert artisans to be a ring you will cherish forever. If you are interested in customizing a wedding ring for yourself or your partner, our team is happy to help.

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