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Unlock the timeless elegance of diamond stud earrings with our comprehensive guide, exploring their rich history, versatile styles, and how to choose the perfect pair to add a dash of glamour to your everyday look or special occasions. Discover the unique charm of various cuts and settings that cater to every taste, ensuring your diamond studs reflect your personal style while complementing your collection.

Long adored for their elegance and versatility, diamond stud earrings are an indispensable piece of jewelry for any collection. From everyday wear to special occasions, these sparkling gems add a touch of glamour to any ensemble. You can wear a single pair that stands out, or if you have multiple piercings, stack them high in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this guide, we'll deep dive into some gorgeous diamond stud earrings for women (or men, or anyone, really), digging into their history, their style, and how to choose your perfect pair.

GOODSTONE Round Cut Single Point Prong Studs

Elevate your style with the timeless classic, Round Cut Single Point Prong Studs.

The History of Diamond Stud Earrings

The use of earrings, including those adorned with precious stones like diamonds, dates back thousands of years. In ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India, earrings were worn as symbols of status, wealth, and cultural significance. However, diamond stud earrings as we know them today are a relatively new thing.

Diamond cutting techniques began to advance during the Renaissance period (14th to 17th centuries), allowing for the creation of more intricate jewelry designs. And during the Victorian era (19th century), we saw jewelry adorned with precious gemstones, including diamonds. Queen Victoria's love for diamonds and her influential role in shaping fashion trends inspired the widespread use of diamond jewelry, including earrings. However, diamond stud earrings were still relatively rare during this time, with more elaborate designs such as chandelier earrings being favored.

The early 20th century marked a significant turning point for diamond stud earrings, thanks to advancements in diamond cutting and setting techniques. Improved tools and technologies enabled jewelers to create smaller, more brilliant diamonds suitable for stud earrings. Additionally, innovations in jewelry manufacturing made diamond studs more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

By the mid-20th century, diamond stud earrings had become a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication. Hollywood celebrities and socialites began to popularize the trend of wearing understated diamond studs on the red carpet and in everyday life, further cementing stud earrings for women as a must-have accessory.

GOODSTONE Round Cut Single Point Prong Studs

Diamond studs are forever just like the Round Cut Single Point Prong Studs.

GOODSTONE Pear Cut Half Bezel Studs

Dazzle in the unique, Pear Cut Half Bezel Studs.

Types of Stud Earrings for Women

Whether diamond studs, gemstone or birthstone studs, or gold or silver stud earrings, there are countless ways to wear this style. A stud is really defined by being a small, simple earring that sits flat against the earlobe, with a post that goes through the ear piercing. Studs typically do not fall below the earlobe, as this is a drop earring, nor does the category include hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, or any other larger shape that wears differently.

Diamond studs come in a variety of cuts, including round, princess, pear, and more, each offering its own unique brilliance. You can also find cultured pearl studs and gemstone studs, many in birthstone gems like emerald, ruby, aquamarine, amethyst, and more. The choice of setting style, whether it's a classic prong, a sleek bezel, or a stylish martini, can further enhance the beauty of the stones. Additionally, the metal used, such as yellow gold, platinum, or sterling silver, adds another dimension to the overall aesthetic of the earrings.

GOODSTONE Cushion Cut Single Point Prong Studs

Choose whichever cut speaks to you like the, Cushion Cut Single Point Prong Studs.

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Stud Earrings

When selecting diamond stud earrings for women, there are several factors to consider. Often your budget will influence the size and quality of the diamonds you can afford. Understanding the 4Cs—cut, clarity, color, and carat weight—will help you assess the quality of the diamonds. It's also essential to find the right size and style that complements your face shape and personal preferences while ensuring they match well with your existing jewelry collection.

GOODSTONE Pear Cut Single Point Prong Studs

Sparkle up your style with the, Pear Cut Single Point Prong Studs. Don't forget the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, carat, and a dash of personal flair to match your vibe and budget.

Stud Earring Setting Types

Perhaps the most classic option of setting styles, prong settings secure your choice of the diamond shape in a small metal basket with prongs that hold it securely in place. This can be single prongs or double prongs (where two tips are visible at each prong, offering an additional design element with a vintage feel). You can also go with something like a half-bezel diamond stud, which secures your diamond between two slim bars of metal for a modern take. If you want to amplify the look, you can add a halo setting with tiny micropavé diamonds surrounding your center stone.

GOODSTONE Round Cut Half Bezel Studs

Round Cut Half Bezel Studs, a modern take on the classic look.

GOODSTONE Round Cut Single Point Prong Studs With Micro Pavé Halo

Halo settings aren't just for rings, add them to your earrings too with the, Round Cut Single Point Prong Studs With Micro Pavé Halo.

Diamond Shapes

When it comes to choosing a diamond shape, this is ultimately a personal preference. While round diamonds are the most classic, select styles are available in cushion cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, square cut diamonds, and more. Each shape has its own personality and offers something different. Asscher or Emerald cut diamond studs offer a distinctly Art Deco appeal with their step-cut facet arrangements (note a cross-like form in the bottom, and lots of rainbow fire instead of brilliant sparkle). While other people prefer the brilliance of a round but want a fresh shape and choose oval or pear cut stones.

GOODSTONE Asscher Cut Single Point Prong Studs

The Asscher Cut Single Point Prong Studs, offer a unique diamond stud experience with the art deco, step cut facet.

Caring for Diamond Stud Earrings

To maintain the brilliance of your diamond stud earrings, proper care is crucial. Regular cleaning using a mild solution and a soft brush will help remove dirt and debris, while storing them in a jewelry box or pouch will prevent scratches and damage. Periodic inspections by a professional jeweler can ensure that the settings remain secure and the diamonds are in optimal condition.

How to Buy Diamond Stud Earrings

There are countless options for purchasing diamond stud earrings. When you shop online, you can select your diamond shape, setting style, carat weight, metal color, and whether you want natural or lab-created diamonds. Explore our collection to discover a variety of styles to choose from, or reach out if you are seeking something truly unique. Our design team is happy to work with you to create the diamond stud earrings of your dreams.

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