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The More the Merrier: Cluster Rings are Just the Thing

When it comes to getting engaged, most of us dream of a big ol' diamond making all kinds of sparkle atop a slender gold band. But lately, trends have been swinging toward a little thing called cluster rings. With multiple diamonds or gemstones that give you more look for, often, less. A style of ring where multiple smaller diamonds are grouped to create one larger, cohesive design instead of a ring with a singular focus stone, a cluster ring can be nearly anything! But why are they so popular and is it the style for you? Let's dig in.

GOODSTONE Blue Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring With Emerald Cut

Make your engagement unique, like the Blue Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring With Emerald Cut.

What is a Cluster Ring?

A cluster ring really just means there are many stones instead of one central diamond, but the size, shape, color, and arrangement of these gemstones vary widely. It can be a cluster that still has one larger diamond as the focus with larger clusters of side stones. It can be a several graduated size gems in an asymmetrical design. It can be a cobblestone pave pattern across a solid surface. Like I said, anything.

But what they all have in common is a dazzling visual impact by way of a group instead of a single center stone. Diamond cluster rings can be super versatile, serving as a cluster engagement ring, a stacking ring, or a fun statement ring. There are countless ways to customize them to be a one of a kind ring that suits your love story, with different gemstones, diamonds, metals, and more.

GOODSTONE Cluster Signet Diamond Stacker

Dazzle up your stack with the, Cluster Signet Diamond Stacker.

What are the Benefits of Cluster Rings?

Cluster diamond engagement rings are quite popular for their affordability. Since they use smaller stones, which are generally less expensive than a single large stone of equivalent carat weight, cluster rings can be a more budget-friendly option. This affordability does not come at the expense of brilliance or impact, making them a stunning option to achieve your budget and beauty goals simultaneously.

Moreover, cluster rings have a timeless and often vintage appeal, which attracts those who appreciate classic and antique designs. The charm and elegance of these rings can evoke a sense of nostalgia and romance, adding to their desirability.

GOODSTONE Blue Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring With Emerald Cut

Blue Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring With Emerald Cut

Cluster Ring Styles to Suit Everyone

Cluster rings come in various styles, each offering a distinct aesthetic. Technically even a halo engagement ring is a cluster. Just look at all those diamonds! But which style is right for you, and what makes them unique? We've got everything you need to know below.

GOODSTONE Blue Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring With Round Cut

Blue Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring With Round Cut blends an elegant and art deco look.

The Double Cluster

Ok, so you like the idea of cluster engagement rings, but don't want to completely lose the traditional style of a central diamond. Try a diamond cluster ring that keeps a larger center stone with multiple stones set on each side in little clusters. Our signature collection includes stunning round side diamonds flanking the center stone shape of your choice, set in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. This style offers a unique look that still feels timeless so you never have to worry about it going out of style.

For a more unique cluster engagement ring look, our Starfire ring features a center stone sparkling between wavy clusters of small round diamonds that twinkle like stars, and it adds a hidden halo for even more brilliance. Or try playing with diamond shapes and opt for some marquise side clusters that give your ring a natural, botanical look.

The Single Side Cluster

If you're looking for a little more distinctive diamond cluster engagement ring, you can go for an asymmetrical cluster style instead. This might mean that there are clustered diamonds or sapphires on only one side of the center stone. You can also add delicate milgrain edges to give it a beautiful vintage feel. We upped the ante with our Lotus cluster engagement rings, accenting your center diamond with some extra large marquise sidestones that give you major impact. You can go big with your diamond or choose a smaller one to get added savings while still having a big overall clustered look.

GOODSTONE Lotus Triple Row Pavé Engagement Ring With Pear Cut Diamond

The Lotus Triple Row Pavé Engagement Ring With Pear Cut Diamond, is a statement piece, ready to blow you away.

The Halo Cluster

A diamond cluster ring can also include the classic halo setting style, which clusters a line of diamonds or gemstones around your center stone. Not only does it give you a lot of extra sparkle, but it can make your center diamond appear larger, which also means you can go smaller and save some cash. Creating a halo ring to suit your tastes and budget is one of our favorite things to do — well, helping you design any dream ring is! You can go with larger side stones, a colored gemstone center, add diamonds to the band... whatever you can dream up. Our team is here to help make it a reality.

The Cluster Band

Diamond cluster rings can also be unique bands — often wider than a traditional diamond wedding band. And you can wear them for whatever you like. I love a cobblestone pave ring that creates a solid surface of sparkle with lots of tiny diamonds. Or there are cluster bands that have stones set across the band instead of just a central focus, creating a sparkling effect all around the ring. The diamonds or gemstones, or both, are clustered into unique patterns that give you big look while saving money because the stones are a bit smaller than a single-row band. I also love a cluster gap band, which has a space at the center. It works really well as a wedding band to accommodate the center stone of your engagement ring, or as a stacking ring on its own.

GOODSTONE Celestial Round Diamond Wedding Band with Amethyst

Mix and match your stack with clusters all around, like the Celestial Round Diamond Wedding Band with Amethyst.

Fulfill Your Cluster Cravings

Cluster rings can certainly be worn as engagement rings and have become increasingly popular for this purpose. They offer a distinctive and personalized look that can stand out from traditional solitaire engagement rings, as well as a cost-effective alternative to a single large diamond. The variety of possible designs allows couples to create a ring that uniquely represents their relationship and style preferences. Explore our signature engagement ring collection to find unique cluster engagement rings to suit your style or reach out to our team to start customizing today.

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