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Wedding rings certainly are no new thing. They've been around since ancient times, exchanged as bands of betrothal in styles from a simple gold band to the more ornate, diamond-encrusted versions of today. But the tradition of wearing both an engagement ring and a wedding ring together is rather newer, as engagement rings really only became a mainstream thing in the 20th century. In this short time, however, the tradition of stacking wedding rings has become deeply ingrained in many cultures around the world.

Beyond wedding rings, the trend of stacking rings has also been gaining momentum over the last couple of decades as fashion influencers and your favorite celebs can be found layering multiple rings on one finger or across every finger in bold, eye-catching style. While it seems like a simple enough look to pull off, coming up with the perfect ring stack pairings can be trickier than it looks. So we've put together a quick guide to get you started:


Experience the brilliance of a GOODSTONE ring stack, featuring the finest rings to illuminate your unique style and personality.

How to Wear Stackable Rings

If we're talking about your engagement ring and a single wedding band, there is of course a traditional way to wear the two together, at least in the US. The engagement ring is typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand. On the wedding day, the band takes its place on the left ring finger, on the inside where it is closest to the heart, and the engagement stacks against it, on the outside (you can wear your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony, assuming it fits). Many folks like to add more bands for special moments such as a new baby or wedding anniversary, building their ring stacks over time.

Then there are those who simply like the style of stacking rings, experimenting with different combinations in an array of styles from delicate bands to statement-making gemstone rings, to cater to every taste and preference. Some folks like to stack several rings on a single finger, and leave the rest more minimal. Then there is a more horizontal stacking approach, where you might wear one ring on every finger of the hand, spreading the stack across instead of vertically on a finger. Either way, whether you prefer a minimalist approach with a few simple bands or love to pile on the bling with an eclectic mix of textures and colors, stacking rings offer endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity.

GOODSTONE Claw Diamond Band: Spaced Eternity Band

There are countless directions to take when it comes to ring stacking, and there's no incorrect path. As demonstrated, the motto "more is more" applies, especially when it comes to adding sparkle. Explore an array of rings, including our Claw Diamond Band and Spaced Eternity Band, to elevate your stack.

Rules of the Road

Don't worry, there really are no rules, and you can absolutely do your own thing when it comes to stacking rings. But there are a few little tips to keep in mind that might help you get there. First of all, choosing metals. Do you want all of your rings to be the same metal, say yellow gold or rose gold or silver. Or do you like to change things up? Mixing metals is totally on trend right now, so don't be scared to do so. But if you want a more classic, timeless look, keeping your stackable rings all the same tone will accomplish that.

Next, think about playing with different textures and finishes to add depth and dimension to your stack. A super basic stacking ring might be a simple, thin gold band. But mix this with a hammered finish band, a diamond band, a twist band... and suddenly you've got a whole new look. We suggest keeping them all within a theme or style to lend your ring stack a harmonious feel. For instance all gold with no stones, just different patterns or textures. Or all floral inspired. Or all classic and polished but some with diamonds.

GOODSTONE Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Old Mine Cuts

Crafting a ring stack is a reflection of your unique personality. Embrace the joy in mixing metals and styles, exemplified by the photo above with our Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band featuring Old Mine Cuts.

Building Your Own Wedding Ring Stack

Everyone needs a starting point, and we suggest that be a simple gold band. You can go super basic with a high polished, rounded gold wedding ring or explore rings with more texture like this gold twist band that adds visual interest even when worn solo. You can choose any width you prefer, from paper-thin to a more chunky gold ring style.

GOODSTONE Rope Wedding Band (3mm)

Embark on your journey with a touch of timeless elegance – opt for a classic gold band as your starting point. Shown here is the Rope Wedding Band (3mm).

Diamond Stacking Rings

Many folks start their ring stacks with simple gold bands paired with dainty diamond stackable rings, and there are plenty of styles to choose from. Whether you're looking for a cute little fashion statement or some big bling to commemorate a major life milestone. Everyone deserves to have a bit of sparkle in their life, so we love the Petite Tapered Baguette Stacker for just that. It's a symmetrical look with two perfectly paired baguette diamonds elegantly matched in the center. But if you're a super classic girlie, a pavé diamond wedding band should do the trick.

Step up the diamond size to make a bit more of a statement, just remember that it might overpower a super thin band that you match with it, so go for a nice even look overall. You can also play with diamond shapes to make it your own. We love oval diamond stacking rings or the soft cushiony outlines of old mine-cut diamonds for a vintage flair.

GOODSTONE Petite Tapered Baguette Stacker

Elevate your elegance with the symmetrical allure of the Petite Tapered Baguette Stacker.

Playing with Negative Space

To lighten up your ring stack and create more dimension, try stacking rings designed with negative space (i.e. not a solid line of gems or solid metal). Match your bands with a spaced-out diamond eternity ring instead of a solid one, for instance. Or try something with a floral influence like our Laurel Marquise Diamond Band. For something with a bit more edge, a zig-zag diamond band is another fun option. Adding a wider, airy band to your stack can give you a more unique stacking ring collection to play with, enabling a fun mix-and-match game each time you get dressed!

GOODSTONE Claw Diamond Wedding Band: Standard Seven Stones

Add depth and lightness to your ring stack by incorporating designs with negative space, bringing a new dimension to your stack like the Twin Traps Diamond Finger Cuff and the Claw Diamond Wedding Band: Standard Seven Stones.

Adding a Little Color

Speaking of fun, one of the best ways to make your ring stack your own is with colored gemstone stacking rings. Available in a full rainbow spectrum of hues, unique gemstones add a lot of personality to any ring stack. We love stacked wedding rings with vibrant green emeralds for a bold take. Also great for May birthstone babies! But there are also rich red ruby wedding bands, classic deep blue sapphires, sweet pinks, or a combo of colors for an ombre gemstone look.

GOODSTONE Green Emerald Baguette Wedding Band

Add a pop of personality to your ring stack with vibrant colored gemstone stacking rings, like the Green Emerald Baguette Wedding Band.

Taking the Guesswork out

Obviously, you can browse til your heart's content, explore our best sellers, or get in touch with our team to explore custom designed stackable rings, but we've also assembled some of our favorite stacking rings into what we like to call "GoodStacks" that are tried and true combos of stacking rings, available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, to take out some of the guesswork. Whether worn solo or paired with your engagement ring, these easy, wearable ring stacks will be the anchor to your jewelry collection. You can shop the entire stack, or purchase each band individually. You do you.

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