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Ring Metals

Everything you need to know about picking the right precious metal for your ring - the appearance, durability, cost, and figuring out what's best for you


Jewelry Metal Options

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold at GOODSTONE offers a classic and traditional look that has been cherished through the ages. Available in both 14k and 18k options, yellow gold provides versatility in terms of durability and color richness. The 18k variant, with a higher gold content, boasts a deeper and more vibrant hue, while 14k yellow gold offers a softer yellow look. Ideal for vintage-inspired designs & modern rings alike, yellow gold brings warmth and a timeless elegance to any piece of jewelry, creating a connection to the rich history of fine jewelry.

Because of the higher gold content, 18k always comes at an increased cost premium to 14k.

14k & 18k White Gold

White gold, preferred by GOODSTONE in its 18k form, offers a contemporary and sleek alternative to traditional metals. Blending gold with metals like iridium or palladium, and plating with rhodium, it achieves its modern silvery hue. To maintain its luster and color, white gold requires periodic replating, which GOODSTONE can expertly handle for free as part of the warranty, ensuring your jewelry remains as radiant as when you first chose it. Its versatility and modern aesthetic make white gold an ideal choice for those who prefer a more contemporary look without compromising on the luxury and prestige of gold.

18k white gold is our number one recommendation for any white ring.

14k & 18k Rose Gold

Rose gold, known for its unique and romantic appeal, is a blend of pure gold and copper, giving it a distinctive pinkish hue. At GOODSTONE, we offer rose gold in both 14k and 18k varieties, allowing you to choose between a subtler (18k rose gold) or more pronounced (14k rose gold) color. The copper content not only provides the color but also adds strength, making rose gold a durable choice for daily wear. Its growing popularity is due to its ability to offer a different, more modern take on traditional gold, making it a favorite for those looking to stand out.


Platinum is celebrated for its natural white luster and prestigious status. It is a denser and more durable metal compared to gold, yet it is softer, requiring annual polishing to maintain its sheen, a service GOODSTONE is pleased to provide as part of the warranty. While it may develop a patina over time, many cherish this as a sign of authenticity and character. Its heft and durability make it a symbol of enduring love, perfectly suited for engagement rings and wedding bands that are meant to last a lifetime.

Because of platinum's softness, we recommend it for rings with a wider band, or for three stone engagement rings.

Recycled Gold & Platinum Metals

Discover GOODSTONE's dedication to sustainability and ethical practices in our gold and silver jewelry collection. Committed to social and environmental responsibility, we use recycled precious metals in our creations. By choosing recycled metals, we actively reduce the need for new mining, which has historically been linked to environmental harm and social injustice. Our recycled metals undergo a thorough re-refining process, ensuring they match the quality of newly mined metals, affirming our promise of luxury without compromise.

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