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Looking for a White Gold Ring? We've Got Just the Thing.

When it comes time to choose your forever ring, the metal you go with can be a super personal choice that makes a major impact in the overall engagement ring or wedding band look. There's the classic yellow gold, the super modern rose gold, traditional platinum... and then there's white gold, a contemporary option that many consider the best of both worlds.

Invented in the 19th century as a substitute for platinum, white gold gained significant popularity during the 1920s and 1930s, particularly during the Art Deco period, when there was a demand for platinum-like metals that were more affordable and easier to work with. Jewelers began to alloy gold with white metals to create a material that had a similar appearance to platinum but was more cost-effective and easier to manipulate. This innovation allowed for the creation of intricate and stylish jewelry pieces that could cater to a broader audience.

But what makes this metal so special today and is it really what you want? Let's uncover everything you need to know about buying a white gold ring to treasure for a lifetime.

GOODSTONE Thin and Simple Elongated Cushion Cut engagment ring

Shine bright with GOODSTONE rings featured in white gold for every design.

What is White Gold?

Known for its sleek, silvery-white appearance, white gold has become a popular alloy used for wedding jewelry. It is created by mixing pure gold with white metals such as palladium, nickel, or silver. The exact composition can vary from maker to maker, but this combination results in a metal that is stronger and more durable than pure gold, which is naturally yellow and quite soft.

The use of rhodium plating to enhance the white appearance of white gold further increased its appeal through the ages, as natural, unplated white gold still has a pale gold or champagne color to it. Rhodium plating enhances its bright white color and add a shiny, reflective finish. Rhodium is a member of the platinum family, and it also helps protect against scratches and tarnish.

Like other gold alloys, white gold comes in different karatages, indicating the purity of the gold in the alloy. Common karatages are 14K and 18K, meaning that 58.3% and 75% of the alloy, respectively, is pure gold.

GOODSTONE  Penumbra Bezel Set Engagement Ring With Tilted Pear Cut

Timeless Elgance: The Penumbra Bezel Set Engagement Ring With Tilted Pear Cut.

Why People Choose White Gold

White gold offers a contemporary appearance that is many love for modern jewelry designs. Its neutral color complements a wide range of gemstones and suits various skin tones. It can make colorless diamonds appear extra brilliant and white, or perfectly accent a rich blue sapphire. It can offer excellent contrast for a black diamond, or look quite stunning against soft blush pink gems.

Alloying gold with stronger white metals increases its durability, and it provides a similar look to platinum but at a more affordable price, making it an attractive option for those seeking a luxurious appearance without the higher cost associated with platinum. It is an incredibly versatile, neutral metal color that blends seamlessly with other metals and jewelry.

GOODSTONE Triad Engagement Ring With Pear Cut Diamonds

Discover the magic of white gold: versatile, elegant, and the perfect canvas for any gemstone. Like the Triad Engagement Ring With Pear Cut Diamonds.

White Gold Ring Styles

Sure, nearly any ring can be crafted in white gold, and worn with ease no matter your style. But there are of course some favorites that we adore.

A Stunning Solitaire

Solitaire engagement rings feature a single center stone elevated atop a simple band. They are truly timeless, no matter the metal you choose. White gold engagement rings are especially stunning with a colorless diamond, showcasing the brightness and brilliance of the stone. Our Thin and Simple Solitaire is the easiest-wearing solitaire we've ever dreamt up, with a prong-set diamond fixed to a barely-there band. It will make your diamond appear to be floating on your hand, allowing light to flow in from every angle.

Or you could try a super sleek, modern take that turns a diamond on it side. An east-west ring sets the diamond horizontally across your finger, making it look extra large. And this stunning half-bezel gives you clean, modern lines with tons of light!

GOODSTONE Penumbra Bezel Set Engagement Ring With Tilted Pear Cut

Timeless elegance meets modern design: Our Penumbra Bezel Set Engagement Ring With Tilted Pear Cut, showcases a tilted pear with unmatched brilliance.

Art Deco Designs

If you want to add a little something extra, we love an Art Deco take on white gold rings, as it plays well with details from the time period. This classic three-stone ring features delicate tapered baguette side stones. Set with an emerald cut or Asscher cut diamond at the center, you can't go wrong. Or up the ante with larger trapezoid diamonds set on each side in a three-stone white gold engagement ring.

GOODSTONE Triad Engagment Ring with Oval Cuts

Add a touch of Art Deco charm to your white gold ring. Our classic Triad Engagement Ring With Oval Cut Diamonds, makes a timeless statement.

Sapphire Sophistication

Want to add a bit more color to your bridal set? Try a blue sapphire engagement ring or wedding band. You can go with a sapphire center stone for a major look. Think modern Princess Di but obviously better. Or try a cluster of petite sapphires set to the side for just a hint of color. We also love pairing white gold rings with sapphire wedding rings. By matching the wedding band and engagement ring metal, you can create a harmonious set.

GOODSTONE Petite Shared Prong with Sapphies Ovals

Create a harmonious set by pairing your white gold engagement ring with a sapphire wedding band. The perfect blend of elegance and unity.

Two-Tone Engagement Rings

If you simply can't decide on a metal, you can also go for a two-tone ring or two-tone mixed metal bridal set. Two-tone rings are fantastic if you want a bright, white stone but you love a yellow gold band. The prongs for your center diamond can be crafted in white gold or platinum, keeping the diamond clear and bright, but set on a yellow gold band that still gives you the overall style you're after.

GOODSTONE Thin + Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring With 3.02ct Lab Grown Asscher Cut Diamond

Two-tone rings: bright white stones in white gold or platinum prongs on yellow gold bands.

White Gold Maintenance and Care

While white gold is durable, the rhodium plating can wear off over time, especially with frequent wear. When this happens, the underlying pale yellowish color of the gold alloy may become visible. While many folks actually like this warm patina, you can refurbish the original bright appearance of your white gold with a simple replating of the rhodium finish. Be sure to speak with your jeweler about maintenance when purchasing your engagement ring or white gold wedding band.

With proper care and occasional maintenance, white gold jewelry can maintain its beautiful appearance for many years, making it a cherished choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry pieces.


Proper maintenance keeps white gold jewelry radiant for years, making it a treasured choice for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Discover Your Dream White Gold Ring

People love white gold for its modern and elegant appearance, versatility, durability, ease of maintenance, and affordability. If it's the right metal for you—whether for your engagement ring, wedding band, or other fine jewelry—we're happy to help you customize jewelry from our collection to suit your style, or start from scratch to utilize this timeless, sophisticated metal.

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