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Channel set rings, with gemstones secured between two metal walls, offer both security and a sleek appearance. Originating from the Art Deco era, they provide a minimalist and geometric aesthetic.  Styles range from classic to tapered, eternity, petite, and chunky, offering options for various preferences. Ultimately, the choice of a channel set ring depends on finding a meticulously crafted design that combines security with style.


Channeling Elegance: A Deep Dive into Channel Set Rings

In the world of bridal jewelry, there is no shortage of options to choose your engagement and wedding rings from. And while a bright, brilliant center diamond is certainly impactful, a well-crafted setting that suits your life and style is just as important. While a majority of diamonds are set in some version of a prong setting, there are other options. One such option that has stood the test of time with its sophisticated simplicity and protective personality is the channel set ring. Let's explore the history, mechanics, pros, cons, and personality of the channel setting to see if it's a good fit for you.

GOODSTONE Multi Shape Channel Set Wedding band in Yellow Gold.

The Multi Shape Channel Set Wedding band in Yellow Gold.

GOODSTONE Multi Shape Channel Set Wedding band and

A side by side comparison of the Multi Shape Channel Set Wedding band and Chunky Channel Set Eternity band.

What is a Channel Setting?

Channel settings are a unique method of securely holding gemstones in a row between two metal walls, called channels, which creates a smooth and continuous surface of stones. These channels also offer extra protection for your diamonds or gemstones, as none of the stones' edges are exposed, thus reducing risk and keeping your stones more secure than other setting styles.

While channel setting is a technique often used for smaller side stones, such as diamonds or other precious gems, it can also feature larger stones or even secure one large center diamond in an engagement ring. A channel is created using a grooved channel or notch cut into the wall of the metal, and the edge of metal on top is then pushed over the diamond, creating tension and holding each stone in place.

GOODSTONE Baguette Channel Set Diamond Band

Spice up your engagement ring stack with channel set diamonds, Baguette Channel Set Diamond Band.

As a wedding band or in a stack the Chunky Channel Set Eternity band looks good any which way.

The History of Channel Set Rings

The origins of the channel setting can be traced back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s. After the opulence of the Edwardian period, jewelers sought sleeker and more geometric designs. The channel setting emerged as a modern and minimalist approach to showcasing gemstones, allowing for a clean, linear aesthetic. The straight lines of metal add a graphic element to any ring.

During the Art Deco era, jewelers like Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels embraced the channel setting, using it to enhance the visual impact of their modern design. Over the years, this setting has evolved, adapting to different design movements while maintaining its timeless appeal. Today, channel set diamonds can be found in a wide array of engagement ring settings and wedding bands.

The Pros and Cons of Channel Set Rings


  1. Security: One of the biggest advantages of a channel set ring is its ability to securely hold gemstones. Most people, when they think of an engagement ring, probably picture a prong setting, which raises the diamonds up, securing them with four thin wires of gold. Instead, a channel set engagement ring secures its diamonds between two metal walls, protecting the stones from all sides and thus reducing the risk of snagging, scratching, and chips.

  2. Sleek, Contemporary Appearance: As a design element in any engagement ring or wedding band, the channel setting creates a sleek look and adds a linear, graphic appeal which emphasizes the beauty of your gemstones without the interruption of prongs or bezels. It can work with nearly any diamond shape, including round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and more.

  3. Versatility: Channel set rings, while offering a particular style choice, are also highly versatile, suitable for various gemstone shapes and sizes. Their adaptability allows for endless pairing choices. For instance, a channel set diamond band makes a perfect accompaniment to a solitaire diamond engagement ring.


  1. Cleaning Challenges: While the metal walls of a channel set ring help to protect the stones, they can make cleaning a bit more challenging. Dirt and debris might accumulate in the channels, requiring extra care during maintenance. While a professional cleaning a couple times a year is definitely good, you can easily learn to clean your channel set rings at home using mild dish soap, water, and a soft toothbrush.

  2. Resizing Difficulties: While not a complete preventative, resizing a channel set ring can be more complicated compared to other settings due to the pressure the channel exerts on the stones. It's essential to work with a skilled jeweler to maintain the integrity of the design if you need your engagement ring resized.

Channel Set Ring Styles

Everyone wants their own dream engagement ring, and if yours is a channel set ring, there are options that you might want to consider. A classic channel set ring has two straight line walls securing diamonds or gems, while a tapered channel adds a dynamic twist to the classic by narrowing at one end, usually as it approaches the center diamond, creating a subtle graceful effect.

You can go for a channel set ring that includes stones only along the top of a wedding band, or an eternity channel set ring whose gemstones encircle the entire band, a symbol of everlasting love. This design is a popular choice for wedding bands, creating a continuous circle of brilliance.

A petite channel set diamond band is a great match with many engagement ring styles. You can also wear it as a stacking ring with other bands, or on its own for subtle, modern shine. On the other hand, a chunky diamond channel set ring offers a bold look, featuring more metal and larger diamonds.

GOODSTONE Petite Channel Set Stacker in Yellow Gold

The delicate and dainty, Petite Channel Set Stacker in Yellow Gold.

GOODSTONE Chunky Channel Set Eternity band in yellow gold in a gorgeous diamond stack.

Tired of dainty? Go bold with the Chunky Channel Set Eternity band.

Choosing Your Channel Set Ring

With their lustrous metal walls and protective nature, channel set rings continue to captivate brides and other jewelry enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Ultimately, whether you're looking for a simple band, small channel set side diamonds, or a bold gold channel set ring, you'll want to find one that is meticulously crafted to ensure your stones are secure and full of style.

Embrace the elegance of channel set rings with our band collection or explore the possibilities of custom design with our team. You can take our custom design consultation quiz, and our team of experts will assist you in sourcing the perfect diamond and designing your dream engagement ring.

GOODSTONE Chunky Channel Set Eternity band, Baguette Channel Set Diamond Band, and Multi Shape Channel Set Wedding band compared on a finger.Chunky Channel Set Wedding Band GOODSTONE

Our three chunky channel set rings, Chunky Channel Set Eternity band, Baguette Channel Set Diamond Band, and Multi Shape Channel Set Wedding band, each offering a style for everyone.


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