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Step into a world where wedding bands transcend tradition and become a vivid expression of your unique love story, as couples today are crafting symbols of love that brilliantly reflect their individuality and shared journey. Discover how personalization, unconventional materials, and innovative designs can transform your wedding rings from mere accessories into extraordinary symbols of your commitment, in a celebration of love that is as exceptional as you are.

When it comes to getting hitched, there are traditions aplenty, rules to follow (or unfollow), and cultural customs galore. While we certainly love the idea of taking part in any tradition that suits your style, including choosing a classic wedding band to wear for life, we also love the idea of starting anew. The beginning of your life together as a couple should be full of your own personalities, especially when it comes to jewelry you'll likely wear every day.

Many couples today are rewriting the rules, infusing tradition with innovation, and crafting symbols of love that are as extraordinary as their relationships. Whether it's through personalized engravings, unconventional materials, or collaborative design processes, your rings can go beyond mere accessories, to express your individuality. After all, why settle for ordinary when you can adorn your fingers with unique wedding bands that are as extraordinary as your love? Here's a few of our favorite ways to make your wedding bands your own:

GOODSTONE Unique Wedding Bands

The limit does not exist when it comes to our options of unique wedding bands.

Go Wide

Many a wedding band is crafted with classicism in mind, something subtle like a plain gold band, perhaps. Or even a thin line of diamonds that complements your engagement ring. However many women these days are opting to explore wide wedding bands that add heft and dimension to their ring stack. Your wedding ring certainly doesn't need to be subtle, and opting for a chunky gold ring that stands out gives you a fun look if you want to wear a band as your engagement ring or sometimes on its own without your ring.

You can go for a wide gold band sans stones if you want to let your diamond ring stand out, explore designs with chunkier diamonds, or meet somewhere in the middle with one of my personal favorites: this multi-shape channel set wedding band. It combines a variety of diamond shapes set in a thick channel that both protects the diamonds and adds a graphic element and can be created in the metal of your choice, whether that's yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum.

GOODSTONE Finest Wedding Band (5mm)

The elegantFinest Wedding Band (5mm)boasts a sleek and minimalist design, crafted specifically to accentuate other rings in your stack while adding subtle volume.

GOODSTONE Channel set wedding bands and Multi Shape Channel Set Wedding band

Channel set wedding bands are not only beautiful, but truly so much fun. TheMulti Shape Channel Set Wedding band, on the bottom is a great example of that.

Space Out

Now, we love a classic diamond wedding band like the next guy, and we have plenty of options in our collection for you to find. But one way to make your wedding rings a bit more unusual is to create some negative space between the stones. Set on a comfort fit round band, the spaced out diamonds here offer an airy, lighter look than a classic style wedding band might. Plus, with cushion cut diamonds instead of round brilliant cuts, you get a bit of soft dimension in that sparkle as well.

If you're looking for a nature-inspired take for your wedding band, play with the marquise diamond shape. These unique diamonds echo the look of leaves and flower petals, and when adorning a thin gold band offers a vine-like appeal. If you want to really knock that look out of the park, you can even explore marquise-cut green emeralds!

GOODSTONESpaced Compass Wedding Band with Five Cushion Cuts

Our newest wedding bands,Spaced Compass Wedding Band with Five Cushion Cuts that adds great definition to your stack and sparkle, not to mention you can stack all 5 together.

GOODSTONE Laurel Marquise Band With Green Emeralds

If you have a penchant for florals, incorporate them into your love story, and infuse a touch of color with theLaurel Marquise Band adorned with vibrant green emeralds.

Color Outside the Lines

Speaking of exploring the wide world of color, we love when couples choose unique wedding bands set with gemstones like sapphire, ruby, and emerald, whether on their own or as accent stones accompanying diamonds. For a super bold look, try a row of staggered baguette sapphires. Or for something more sweet and subtle, you can go for a slender pave band set with blushing pink sapphires. We especially love pink gemstones set into rose gold to really amp up the hue.

If you can't decide on a single color or want to add more personalization to your wedding band, choose a style featuring multiple gems. You could also customize this to feature each of your birthstones. But don't go thinking you have to choose gemstones other than diamond—because diamonds also come in other hues! We're big fans of canary yellow diamonds to add a ton of sunshiney warmth to your wedding ring stack. Choose a classic wedding band style but switch things up with color. Or go all out with a major wedding band moment in the form of a yellow diamond eternity ring.

GOODSTONE Blue Sapphire Baguette Wedding Band

For a striking burst of color within your stack, theBlue Sapphire Baguette Wedding Bandis an ideal choice.

GOODSTONE Celestial Round Diamond Wedding Band with Amethyst

Embrace the vibrancy of color tastefully with the Celestial Round Diamond Wedding Bandfeaturing captivating amethysts. Don't shy away from adding a touch of brilliance to your ensemble.

Shape Up

Another beautiful way to add dimension to your wedding ring is via diamond shape. Pear cut diamonds, for instance, are making a comeback in terms of engagement ring trends, but are rarely featured in wedding bands because they are asymmetrical. We didn't let that stop us, though. In this chunky gold wedding ring, we laid out bezel-set, pear-cut diamonds in an alternating pattern and we think it looks pretty stunning. We also played with trillion cut diamonds (super scintillating triangles) in this wide band set with alternating stones that is all angles.

You can also play with the shape of your band itself. It certainly doesn't need to be a simple, straight line. We love a wedding band dressed up in texture like this double helix twist pattern band. Get edgy with this zig-zag ring style. Or go for space, shape, and style with this seductive wrap band, set with spaced out Asscher cut diamonds. It's a little Art Deco, a little modern magic. And you can't go wrong.

GOODSTONE Bezel set wedding bands

Mix and match shapes using ourBezel Wedding Band collection, to add dimension to your stack.

GOODSTONE Double Helix Band

Add texture and dimension to your stack with the,Double Helix Band.

Fun For the Long Run

See, who says wedding bands have to be dull and predictable? Ultimately, the choice of wedding rings is yours, so don't let the chance slip away to turn up the excitement and stand out from the crowd. No matter your inspiration, in a sea of traditional gold bands, there's you—rocking a one-of-a-kind ring that screams personality.

Your wedding band should be as unique as your love story. You can dig into our complete collection to find something that really speaks to your style, or reach out to our team of experts to learn more about what options you have and order something completely customized to your taste. We're here to help you turn funky shapes, vibrant gemstones, and a pinch of whimsy into the perfect piece to represent your partnership.


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