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Elongated cushion cut diamonds blend vintage charm with modern elegance, distinguishing them from typical diamond shapes. Their unique beauty and characteristics enhance jewelry pieces. These diamonds merge the rounded edges of traditional cushions with a lengthier rectangular design, offering more finger coverage. Popular for their visual appeal, their length-to-width ratio ranges from 1.15 to 1.4. They provide great value for engagement rings without compromising on beauty.

When it comes to finding an engagement ring, elongated cushion cut diamonds provide a captivating option that is both vintage in appearance and modernly elegant. Not only do they stand out from other common diamond shapes, but there are certain characteristics of this type of gem shape that will elevate your special piece of jewelry. Here’s some essential information about their unique beauty as well as advice on how to compare them with other popular choices when choosing the best diamond shape for your individual needs.

Short Summary

  • Elongated cushion cut diamonds offer a unique combination of fire, brilliance, and finger coverage.

  • Cut quality, color & clarity grades, carat weight & dimensions are important factors to consider when selecting an elongated cushion diamond for an engagement ring.

  • Solitaire or Halo settings can be used to create a glamorous and eye-catching design with vintage inspired details.

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds: An Overview


Elongated cushion cut diamonds are a combination of classic and modern style, featuring the rounded corners of a traditional cushion diamond with an elongated rectangular shape that provides greater finger coverage. This distinctive design has been gaining popularity for its visual impact and its length-to-width ratio usually falls between 1.15 to 1.4 – which is more rectangle than square - compared to the standard form known as a cushion modified or cushion. This offers excellent value without sacrificing beauty when it comes to selecting an elongated cushion cut engagement ring.

A picture of an elongated cushion cut diamond with rounded corners

A GOODSTONE Elongated cushion cut diamond, perfect for an engagement ring

Unveiling the Beauty of Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds


The beautiful elongated cushion cuts stand out due to their extended triangular and kite-shaped facets that produce an impressive radiance. The diamond’s widened shape can help make the finger look longer while also providing a more prominent display.

These non-typical cushions have unique faceting with longer edges &, enabling intense brightness and fire, making them ideal for either modern or conventional designed long cushion engagement rings. Most of our clients opt for very chic & minimal designs for their elongated cushions to let the diamond do the talking

A picture of an elongated cushion cut diamond with a modern twist

A GOODSTONE Thin & Simple solitaire with a 3 carat Elongated Cushion cut

Faceting and Brilliance

Elongated cushion diamonds have a one-of-a-kind faceting pattern that makes them stand out from shapes. Typically showing around 77 brilliant cut facets, there are two main styles of Elongated cushion cut.

Cushion Brilliants

Cushion Brilliant cut diamonds are a type of cushion cut diamond where the pavilion main facets extend from the culet (center) of the pavilion ... all the way to the girdle. This creates gorgeous sparkle in a pinwheel-type effect.

Cushion Modified Brilliants

Cushion Modified Brilliants have similar pavilion main facets, but they don't extend all the way to the diamond's girdle. This results in a "crushed ice" effect where the diamonds sparkle is a bit more chaotic looking like the "noise" or "snow crash" on an old TV set.

Finger Coverage and Visual Appeal

Elongated cushion cut diamonds are popular in engagement rings due to their unique shape, providing a larger and more impactful visual effect compared to standard diamond shapes. They're going to look a little larger than typical square cushion cut diamonds. The elongation creates an illusion of greater finger coverage, enhancing the overall appearance for those who want something special on that important day.

A hybrid Elongated Cushion cut with step cut facets

Comparing Elongated Cushion Cut with Other Diamond Shapes

When evaluating a cushion cut diamond for an engagement ring, it is essential to compare its features with those of other popular shapes such as round, emerald, and radiant cuts. Every shape has different characteristics that can be considered when making the choice. Elongated cushions have their own uniqueness due to offering fire brilliance and covering your finger optimally, which will make them stand out from others.

Round diamonds are ideal if you want timeless beauty along with maximum sparkle. On the contrary, emerald cut diamonds provide a more angular look and the trendy radiant cut combines the glitter of the round with the angularity of the emerald cut. The best way to think about an elongated cushion cut and what it offers is to consider it a hybrid between an oval diamond and a square cushion cut diamond - a perfect combination of length and soft curves.

Round Cut Diamonds

When selecting an engagement ring, diamond shape is a key factor and round cut diamonds are the most popular due to their symmetrical producing brilliant sparkle. For those seeking something different that still has eye-catching brilliance, they can opt for elongated cushion cuts instead. These diamonds feature greater tables (tops) than rounds.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

While our clients know we love emerald cut diamonds, the choice between emerald cuts and elongated cushion cut diamonds boils down to one question: how do you want your diamond to sparkle? If you're keen to classic, glittery scintillation, an elongated cushion cut diamond is for you. That said, you're more interested in the "glow" of a step cut, emerald cut is your answer.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Elongated cushion cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds both reflect light in a similar way. Because of radiant cut diamonds' recent popularity, you may be able to find an elongated cushion cut diamond for less $$$ than you would a radiant cut diamond. This is more true for naturally mined diamonds relative lab grown diamonds.

Selecting the Perfect Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond

For the perfect elongated cushion cut diamond for your engagement ring, several factors must be considered, such as cut quality, color, clarity and carat weight dimensions. Being mindful of these details will help ensure you get both a beautiful and valuable stone. As all diamonds are unique in nature, it can take some time researching them before you find the best one for your ring, prioritizing what matters most to you is important here. Knowing about elongated cushions cuts characteristics can assist with this decision making process so that an informed choice is made when selecting the ideal diamond for your engagement ring.

Cut Quality

When searching for an engagement ring, it is vital to pay close attention to the cut quality of elongated cushion diamonds as this directly affects their sparkle and general appearance. A length-to-width ratio over 1.19 or higher should result in optimal results when considering these unique stones.

When working with a team member at Good Stone, you'll dive into the unique dimensions necessary to create the perfect cut and thus, elite sparke.

Higher quality examples may prove difficult or time consuming to locate & due diligence must be taken before making your purchase. Cushion cuts are special and require extra care during shopping so you end up with exactly what you envisioned for that once in a lifetime moment.

Color and Clarity

When searching for the ideal elongated cushion cut diamond to use in an engagement ring, one must think about its color and clarity grades. It is advisable that these diamonds have at least a H grade on their diamond color grade and VS2 or better when it comes to clarity. With such requirements, you can acquire outstanding looks from your stone while spending less money overall.

Diamonds over 3.50 carat could benefit from a slightly upgraded color & clarity grade at G+ and VS1+.

Carat Weight and Dimensions

When selecting an elongated cushion cut diamond, carat weight and dimensions are both key factors to consider. The precise size of the shape is most easily gauged by looking at its measurements in millimeters and length-to-width ratio. These details can help you understand what kind of visual impact the stone will have as well as how much finger coverage it will offer for your engagement ring.

The actual carat weight may be different based on certain proportions found with this type of cutter — usually a 1:19+ to that suggests one side slightly longer than the other.

Designing Your Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


When designing a cushion cut engagement ring, selecting the right is essential to bring out the distinctive beauty of an elongated diamond. Amongst popular options are solitaire and halo designs.

To ensure you pick an appropriate option that will both appear stunning while remaining practical, it’s important to consider all aspects associated with each choice before making your selection, enabling you to develop a truly unique yet classic style of cushion cut diamond.

A picture of a halo setting with an elongated cushion cut diamond in the center

A GOODSTONE Bezel Set Halo Engagement Ring With Elongated Cushion Cut

Halo Settings

For those seeking an attractive and impressive cushion cut engagement ring, a halo setting is the ideal choice. A cushion cut diamond which has been elongated lies at its center while it is encircled by either one or two rings of diamonds or gemstones that increases both the size and sparkle of this central stone. Not only does it enhance aesthetics, but also provides additional safety for your beloved elonagted cushion-cut engagement ring. Cushion cut engangement rings with their added protection along with flair are splendid picks to express eternal love!

Solitaire Settings

When selecting an engagement ring featuring an elongated cushion cut diamond, a solitaire setting offers classic and timeless appeal. This type of design showcases the shape and brilliance of the diamond with its simple shank adorned by either four or six prongs to hold the stone in place. As you evaluate different options for this kind of elongated cushion cut engagement of rings, pay close attention not only to metal quality but also overall style that best suits your needs. With these considerations at hand, finding a stunning piece is easy when looking at elegant yet traditional elongated cushion cut engagements designs.

Vintage-Inspired Designs


When searching for an engagement ring to showcase your elongated cushion cut diamond, vintage-inspired designs offer a romantic and antique feel that can be tailored to any personal preference and style. It is essential when considering these kinds of diamonds. To evaluate the size as well as shape of the stone and quality of setting used in order to achieve a truly unique look. Filigree settings along with milgrain pave are all popular options offering distinct aesthetics that compliment this kind of gemstone perfectly. With careful selection, you’ll be able to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind engagement ring sure to make every head turn!

An image of a vintage-inspired ring with an elongated cushion cut diamond center stone.

A GOODSTONE vintage style engagement ring



Cushion cut diamonds with their elongated shape are an attractive alternative to other diamond shapes. They feature a striking mix of vintage charm and modern glamour, boasting scintillation, brilliance and sufficient finger coverage making them ideal for engagement rings. When selecting these gems, it is important to take into account factors like cut quality, color clarity, carat weight or dimensions in order to create a one-of-a-kind cushion cut diamond ring that will showcase its unique beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is elongated cushion cut?

An elongated standard cushion cut diamond is an extended, pillow-shaped variation of the traditional cushion cut diamond. Its corners are slightly rounded to create a soft shape that has both length and width compared to its predecessor.

Are cushion cut diamonds less expensive?

Cushion cut diamonds are usually a whole lot more affordable than their round diamond counterparts of the same carat weight because they don’t have as much popularity. Thus, if you want to stay within a budget yet still maintain good size and design, cushion cuts are an ideal option for you.

What is the best length width ratio for elongated cushion cut?

When selecting an elongated cushion cut, the ideal length-to-width ratio is 1.15 to 1.20 - much higher than that of a square shape princess cut which is only between 1 and 1.05. Thus avoiding the less desirable range.

1.06 to 110 for this type of square stone cut specifically designed with greater proportions in mind when compared against traditional shapes such as squares or rounds .

What is the difference between elongated cushion and radiant?

Elongated cushion cuts and radiant cut diamonds both feature larger facets, which allow the diamond’s clarity to be displayed well. Elongated cushions may have more noticeable inclusions near its corners when compared to a similar radiant cut stone. This is because of how exposed these areas are on an extended or elongated cushion engagement ring shape versus that of one with radiance cuts where those corner portions are hidden away.

What are the recommended color and clarity grades for elongated cushion cut diamonds?

For those looking for a diamond with an elongated cushion cut, it is suggested to go with one of H color grade or higher and VS2 clarity grade or better. Such diamonds will provide the desired look while also maintaining quality standards.

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