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Baguette cut diamonds, characterized by their rectangular shape and clean lines, offer a sleek and modern aesthetic. They've been popularized in wedding bands, thanks to their versatility and timeless appeal. Baguette wedding bands come in various styles, including single row, vertical, mixed-shape, and colorful designs, catering to different tastes and preferences. These bands can complement a wide range of engagement ring styles, making them a popular choice for couples seeking a chic and sophisticated look.


Are Baguette Wedding Bands Timeless or A Passing Trend?

They might be named after a tasty carb-indulgent baked good, but baguette cut diamonds aren't for eating. They're for sparkle. And lately they've been capturing hearts (and wedding rings) more than ever before. But what exactly is a baguette diamond? Why is it showing up in our wedding bands? And do you even want one? Or many?

When it comes to choosing the perfect symbol for your love story, a wedding band should represent your personal style and taste, and part of that is deciding what diamond shape you want your wedding band to feature. Among a myriad of other diamond shapes, the baguette is a lesser known, but always present choice. Welcome to everything you need to know about the baguette wedding band (and probably a bit more).


Baguette diamonds pair well with almost all diamond shapes – our Baby Baguette Diamond stacker holding it's own with our Three Stone Triad Engagement ring with Oval diamonds.

Understanding the Baguette Cut Diamond

It's not particularly exciting, but "baguette" comes from the French word for "rod" or "stick," and the diamond shape is characterized by its rectangular shape, straight, clean lines, and sharp pointed corners. There's also a tapered baguette shape, where one end of the rectangle is wider than the other, created an elongated trapezoid shape.

Unlike traditional round brilliant cut diamonds which feature 57 or 58 brilliant, radiating facets, baguette diamonds have just 14 simple, elongated facets that run parallel to it's rectangular shape. While baguette diamonds aren't meant to sparkle in quite the same way as rounds or other shapes, baguette cut diamonds have long been a bestie to many a center stone on any diamond ring. They make particularly good back up singers, let's say, and are often features in pairs or multiples to create a wall of brilliance.


While mixing shapes is fun, pairing baguette diamonds with other step cuts is an easy way to build a stack without feeling too matchy-matchy, as seen with our Iris Baguette wedding band.


Double your sparkle by pairing your baguette diamonds with round diamonds via our Baguette Diamond Medley Eternity Band.

The Rise of The Baguette

While baguette diamonds have been ubiquitous since the Art Deco ear of the 1920s — known for its characteristic geometric designs — they've been making a comeback in wedding bands in the last decade thanks to celeb and style influencers. Their distinctive shape sets them apart in a jewelry market saturated with traditional round and princess cut diamonds, and their clean lines fit right in with a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic.

For couples seeking an understated look that's sleek but still sparkly, a baguette wedding band makes the perfect choice. Originally, the baguette cut was primarily used as a side stone in combination with other diamond shapes in elaborate jewelry designs. However, its timeless appeal has allowed it to evolve into a standalone choice for engagement and wedding rings.

Popular Baguette Wedding Band Styles

Simple and sophisticated, a baguette diamond ring can be designed in myriad ways to create quite different visual effects. Because they are completely straight-sided and typically quite small, baguette diamonds fit seamlessly together into stunning rows of continuous sparkle, and they work in any color of metal to suit your preference, whether yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. Here are a few of our favorite baguette wedding band styles to get you thinkining:

  1. Single Row Baguette Bands: A timeless choice that exudes simplicity and elegance, a single row of baguette diamonds creates a sleek and refined look. You can have baguettes only along the top of the band, with bare metal on the underside of your finger in a half eternity style, or choose an eternity band style where the diamonds extend the full circumference of the band. When baguettes are set end-to-end this way, their long shape means using less stones, and gives you a strong, linear appeal.

  2. Vertical Baguette Diamonds: For those seeking a bolder statement, you can find a wedding band that flips a row of baguette diamonds on end so that they give you a wider, almost ribbed look, adding add extra sparkle and dimension for a striking impression. The bold channel-set styling offers a gender-neutral wedding band that works for anyone.

  3. Round and Baguette Diamonds: Combining round and baguette diamonds in a band offers a fun and funky blend of styles, creating a visually dynamic effect. You can wear this mixed-shape diamond wedding band with nearly any engagement ring, as it flatters so many different diamond or gemstone shapes.

  4. Colorful Baguette Wedding Bands: Choosing a wedding band with colored gemstones instead of diamonds allows for a creative, personalized touch. You can mix an emerald baguette wedding band with an emerald engagement ring, sure. But you can also wear it next to a diamond engagement ring or nearly anything else. Mixing baguette diamonds with other cut stones, such as rounds or princess cuts, allows for a creative and personalized touch, adding texture and uniqueness to the ring.

  5. A Modern Twist: If you want to stick with baguettes as the shape for your diamond band but want something that feels a bit more fun and less rigid, try a staggered baguette wedding band where the diamonds are slightly offset. Our Baby Baguette Stacker offers a more than one carat of baguette diamonds clustered side by side in a jagged and asymmetrical look that can be worn with literally any engagement ring you can imagine.


Create a modern look with your baguette wedding band by using a channel setting.


A jeweler 's dream - a pair of baguette diamond rows, wrapping around your finger for an eye catching eternity band for the ages. Available in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Pairing Baguette Wedding Bands with Your Engagement Rings

One of the key advantages of baguette wedding bands is their versatility in pairing with various engagement ring styles. Whether your engagement ring features a solitaire, halo, or three-stone design, a baguette wedding band can complement and enhance its beauty. You can obviously choose a set that is designed to match, featuring baguette diamonds in each of your two rings, or mix things up with different diamond shapes and sizes.

For those with a classic round or princess cut engagement ring, a single or double row of baguette diamonds can create a chic and modern contrast. Alternatively, pairing a baguette wedding band with an emerald or radiant cut engagement ring can emphasize the geometric appeal and clean lines of both stones. An eternity band crafted from baguette diamonds can be paired with your engagement ring as well, just make sure you order your ring size correctly, as eternity bands cannot be sized.


Diamonds aren't the only gemstone cut into baguette shapes - the GOODSTONE Green Emerald Baguette Stackable Ring deserves consideration as an alternative wedding band style.

dainty baguette stackable wedding band

Our very first baguette diamond ring - The Dainty Baguette Stacker features six generously sized baguette diamonds, bar set for a clean look for any bride to be.

A Baguette Bride to Be

In the wide world of bridal jewelry, the baguette wedding band is both incredibly classic and majorly modern at the same time. It rings with Art Deco influence yet transcends time and fashion to look like it just stepped off the pages of your favorite glossy mag. As trends evolve, the baguette diamond ring is a timeless choice, no matter the style you choose.

Shop our complete baguette wedding band collection or reach out to our team to schedule a custom jewelry consultation, and a dedicated design expert will soon be at your service.



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