Pay What You May Financing Available

Pay What You May Financing Available

Only here. Enjoy special pricing with our latest release.

Pay What You May Financing Available

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Pay What You May Financing Available

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Hello. I'm Blake. And on Jan 9 of 2016 I sold my very first custom engagement ring to a very happy bride-and-groom-to-be.

I'm not a 17th Generation Family Jeweler.

I don’t sit behind a glass case, pushing 5ct diamonds.

I’m not one of those slick yet pushy, 3-piece suit jewelers.

Nor a person that is interested in selling junk diamonds and cast rings.

So how the heck did I start a successful custom jewelry company in no time?!

I actually asked myself the same question when I saw how easy it was to beat out the pricing of conventional brick & mortar stores.
See, I actually did this for fun!
I never expected to make a career out of this.
Despite that, there was one little thing that set me apart from every. other. Jewelry store.
Being different.

Only that you ask?

Doing the opposite helped me make three times the rings in a day than your favorite jewelry store in a month.

I don’t have a grandpa that taught me diamonds.

I don’t have a fancy pants (and expensive) showroom full of sub-par inventory.
I don’t hire pushy sales staff.
And yet…
We make millions of dollars in diamond rings, wedding bands, and antique heirlooms.

Don't believe me?

You can do your own research and fact-checking.

I can guarantee you.

Nobody, and I swear nobody has accomplished this feat.
Again, I'm not a family jeweler.

Just a humble entrepreneur from Texas.

I'm even new to e-Comm.

I don't even have a background in finance or business management or whatever.

I still don’t understand Facebook ad marketing (silly, I know).

I was supposed to go to medical school.

So instead of peddling overpriced diamond rings in little blue teal boxes...

You will witness the undeniable proof that anybody can have nice jewelry...

And have heirloom quality rings to pass down to their grandchildren...


As told by a real, normal guy.

Not someone that makes $12/hour by "teaching" others about jewelry in some expensive showroom.

(By the way! Never believe someone that sells jewelry without having their reputation on the line. Your wallet will thank you.)
Here is the screenshot from a few days ago

First, a stranger

Now, a friend.

1 wedding band over $5k.

Haven’t seen the winning ring yet?

I’ll show it to you in a moment (Please be patient!).

The greatest rule: Inventory is the Enemy

Did you know that Amazon is worth over 1.5 trillion dollars?

They don’t even own the items they sell.

What is the one thing that separates Amazon from the rest of retail companies?

They are unique.

They help you get what you need.


And at a great price…

Not by being loud.

But by being different.

Different = Made to stick.


The other greatest rule: Make what People want

What makes us unique?

Why do 10,000’s of people love us?

Because of you!

Assuming I know what you want is presumptuous.

That’s why we make everything to order.

You tell us what you want.

And we make it.

OR. If you need inspiration

You can have a ring that a past, satisfied customer commissioned

(^everything on our site)

And counter-intuitively, we’ve never had a request for return.

No buyers remorse, no regrets.

When you make what people want,

Everyone’s happy,

Everyone wears brilliant diamonds

Everyone get’s compliments on their wedding bands,


You get your dream ring.

No same old, stale and played out designs sold by unoriginal jewelers.

There’s a reason why we have so many followers on Instagram. 

And why we get millions of view on Pinterest.

You have to make rings that are special.
My personal guarantee

I'm not offering you one guarantee.

I'm offering you two guarantees.

One: If you order a bespoke and hand made ringyou will be smothered in compliments for the rest of your life.

Two: If you’re not 1,000,000% satisfied with your ring, I will personally work with you until your wildest jewelry dreams come true.

Did you expect a money back guarantee?

If you did, might as well close this window already.

Because the value of each and every ring we make is already way above the price.

And I could be charging more.

Heck, I will charge more.

But for now, you can have it for that price.

Quality rings are an investment .

But if you prefer to drive to the mall and purchase something made overseas in a sweatshop by oppressed laborers.

Then this is not for you.

We make everything in America.

Most people buy budget jewelry to save a couple bucks.

And end up paying way more $$$ over time in replaced diamonds, ring repairs, and an eventual full replacements.

It’s agonizing to watch.

It hurts to get ripped off in a brick & mortar, especially because the sales rep was so nice.

There are many jewelers out there and most of them are a waste of time and money.

You’re probably thinking

“This whole thing sounds TOO GOOD to be TRUE”

Click – HERE – for a long, long list of satisfied customers.

Not so nervous anymore, are we? :)
Good Stone Inc. Founder Blake Assad