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Lab Grown x Good Stone

What are Lab Grown diamonds?

Our top-grade Lab Grown diamonds (yes, diamonds) are grown by technology that reduces the geologic time frame of Earth Mined diamonds -millions x millions of years - to just a few weeks.


Aside from origin point, and grow time, Lab Grown diamonds offer the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as their Earth Mined counterparts.

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Why offer Lab Grown diamonds?

Lab Grown diamonds are hot-forged above ground, eliminating the various costs created by large-scale mining.


In the lab, technicians recreate Mother Nature's diamond making process with solar technology, using a fraction of the energy required to extract diamonds from the earth via industrial mining practices.

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Your Questions, Answered

Source Element Formation Conflict-free Price Last Forever Durability
Lab Carbon Weeks Yes $$ / $$$$ Yes 10/10
Earth Carbon Myr Depends* (Good Stone guarantees conflict-free) $$$ / $$$$ Yes 10/10

Lab Grown diamonds are identical in the chemical, molecular and visual way to Earth Mined diamonds.


These diamonds are rendered in a lab by replicating the effects of intense heat and high pressure on carbon that result in natural diamond formation.


A diamond seed is used to grow additional layers of diamond. Ultimately, rough Lab Grown diamonds are cut into the same shapes as natural Earth Mined diamonds.

The answer is a very simple yes. Lab Grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds just like their natural Earth Mined counterparts.

Lab Grown diamonds have all the same properties as Earth Mined diamonds.


Certified Lab Grown diamonds are graded on the same 4 C’s scale of cut, color, clarity and carat by gemological labs, making them comparable to Earth Mined diamonds.

In short: A big one!


Synthetic or simulated diamonds are diamond alternatives, like cubic zirconia. These neither have the same visual or chemical properties of Lab Grown or Earth Mined diamonds, nor the durability and sparkle.

Only a trained gemologist may be able to tell the difference between an Earth Mined and Lab Grown diamond with inspection.

Like Earth Mined diamonds, Lab Grown diamonds quality will vary. There are characteristics of a Lab Grown diamond beyond the 4Cs not visible on a grading report. Lab Grown diamonds can have tones of gray, brown, or blue depending on their growth method.


Our team knows how to tell the difference between a beautiful and a bad Lab Grown diamond and will ensure you make the best investment.

After an initial consultation, we will curate a list of options to make your vision a reality.


Wherever you are, its easy to experience each option, on your schedule. We'll provide access to each stone's grading report and HD videos, as well as our expert advisement based on in-person inspection.

Due to significant variations across the 4 C’s, we do not offer the ability to commission the growing and cutting of Lab Grown diamonds with specific parameters.


Particularly in unique shapes and large sizes, we you to begin your search early to ensure plenty of time for the right option to come along.

Yes! Lab diamonds of 0.50ct or greater are independently certified by IGI, GCAL, GIA, or AGS. Most lab diamonds below 2ct will be IGI or GCAL certified as the cost and time for GIA and AGS certification is significantly more expensive than IGI or GCAL.


Good Stone does not guarantee independent certification for Lab Grown diamonds smaller than 0.50ct. Rest assured that all Lab Grown diamonds we offer go through a rigorous quality control check and inspection on intake.