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What are Lab Grown diamonds?

Our top-grade Lab Grown diamonds (yes, diamonds) are grown by technology that reduces the geologic time frame of Earth Mined diamonds -millions x millions of years - to just a few weeks.


Aside from origin point, and grow time, Lab Grown diamonds offer the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as their Earth Mined counterparts.

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Why offer Lab Grown diamonds?

Lab Grown diamonds are hot-forged above ground, eliminating the various costs created by large-scale mining.


In the lab, technicians recreate Mother Nature's diamond making process with solar technology, using a fraction of the energy required to extract diamonds from the earth via industrial mining practices.

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Your Questions, Answered

Source Element Formation Conflict-free Price Last Forever Durability
Lab Carbon Weeks Yes $$ / $$$$ Yes 10/10
Earth Carbon Myr Depends* (Good Stone guarantees conflict-free) $$$ / $$$$ Yes 10/10

Lab Grown diamonds are identical in the chemical, molecular and visual way to Earth Mined diamonds.


These diamonds are rendered in a lab by replicating the effects of intense heat and high pressure on carbon that result in natural diamond formation.


A diamond seed is used to grow additional layers of diamond. Ultimately, rough Lab Grown diamonds are cut into the same shapes as natural Earth Mined diamonds.

The answer is a very simple yes. Lab Grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds just like their natural Earth Mined counterparts.

Lab Grown diamonds have all the same properties as Earth Mined diamonds.


Certified Lab Grown diamonds are graded on the same 4 C’s scale of cut, color, clarity and carat by gemological labs, making them comparable to Earth Mined diamonds.

In short: A big one!