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Frequently Asked Questions

Bespoke Process

Embarking on your journey with GOODSTONE is a seamless experience. Engaging our bespoke world is just a click away—contact us HERE, and a dedicated Design Expert will soon be at your service.

Begin your odyssey by completing our personalized concierge form, thoughtfully curated to uncover your unique vision. 

While filling out the form, select a Day & Time that suits you best for your phone Consultation—a moment dedicated to translating your dreams into reality.

As your Consultation's Day & Time approach, await our call— we’ll ensures that your vision takes center stage. Within this dialogue, every detail matters. From the grandest concept to the tiniest nuance, we're here to weave your desires into the fabric of your new ring.

For a conversation that sparkles, connect with a GOODSTONE Expert HERE.

Navigating with GOODSTONE is a voyage of endless possibilities, with guidance at every turn.

The path to a bespoke ring, while seeming daunting, is truly a step into enchantment. We're committed to making it delightful and straightforward.

From our first talk, our personalized expertise surrounds you. Your desires and the story you envision mold our craftsmanship.

We'll dive deep into the nuances of your desired ring, discussing metals, gemstones, and settings. Uncertain? Our expert advice will guide you.

Our design phase transforms your ideas and sketches into a ring that embodies your journey. We present detailed descriptions and models, ensuring the design mirrors your vision.

Transparent pricing is offered for each design, based on your choices and gem value. Pure clarity, no hidden fees.

The result is a ring that mirrors your love and uniqueness, crafted with care and expertise. To start this illuminating experience, connect with our GOODSTONE Experts. Let's make your dream ring a reality.

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

Selecting the impeccable ring size can be an art, but with GOODSTONE, grace is interwoven at every step. 

To guide your hand to the perfect fit:

- The Amazon Ring Sizer: a trusted companion in sizing.

- Our crafted Ring Sizer Guide: the art of measuring at your fingertips.

- Or, embrace tradition by visiting a local jeweler to embrace the essence of your unique size.

Yet, life is often about second chances and so are we. Enjoy our complimentary resizing* should your chosen ring size need a gentle tweak for that snug embrace.

*Please note, our Eternity Bands cannot be altered.

Let's paint your dream together. For a heart-to-heart with a GOODSTONE Expert, kindly complete our concierge form HERE

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

Absolutely! At GOODSTONE, our core collection dances with versatility, inviting you to infuse your essence into a creation that's distinctively yours. Every jewel, fashioned to piece of jewelry, becomes a canvas, waiting for your personal touch, down to the finest whispers of detail. Express your heart's desire, and we shall craft it.

Should you find yourself at the crossroads of choices, or desire a guiding hand through our curated ensemble, our GOODSTONE Design Experts stand ready to illuminate your path. They'll gracefully unravel the nuances of each design, ensuring the final piece aligns with your preferences and vision.

Throughout your bespoke journey, our heart beats with one mission – to crystallize your dream ring. With an unwavering devotion to excellence and a keen eye for detail, rest assured that your creation will be a radiant testament to your unparalleled love tale.

Embark on this exquisite journey with us. For a soulful rendezvous with a GOODSTONE Artisan, grace our concierge form HERE.

Time, they say, crafts perfection.  

For an experience as precious as your ring, it's best to begin early. While we've crafted pieces in as quick as 2 weeks, we suggest finalizing your gemstone choice 6-8 weeks prior to the anticipated embrace of your finished piece. This grace period allows us to present the freshest and most fitting gemstone options, and ensures our artisans have the time they cherish to breathe life into your design.

For a conversation that sparkles, connect with a GOODSTONE Expert HERE. ✨

Boundaries? What boundaries? 🌍

With GOODSTONE, the world is but a jewelry box. Regardless of where you've planted your roots or where your heart wanders, our commitment to crafting your dream remains unwavering. Distance merely becomes a whisper when dreams are loud. Rest assured, every treasured ring is sent on its journey with utmost care, fully insured, to any corner of our beautiful world.

When embarking on this adventure with us, kindly share your location. Let's intertwine our stories, no matter the miles. Begin your global journey with a GOODSTONE Design Expert HERE. 💎

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

Orders and Shipping

Your journey with GOODSTONE is draped in precision and care. 💎

For our gems already sparkling in stock, they'll commence their journey to you within 2-5 business days. As for the pieces being meticulously crafted or awaiting their turn in our atelier, expect their voyage to start within 14-21 business days. Any variations to this rhythm will be communicated during our design process.

Upon the wings of your order taking flight, you’ll receive an email allowing you to track your precious package.

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

Every GOODSTONE creation journeys with elegance and discretion. 💎

For our cherished U.S. clientele, your treasures are dispatched via UPS 2 Day Express. For our international family, the mode of shipment is chosen based on the destination's home country. Each ring, a secret story, travels in an insured, unmarked box, ensuring both surprise and security.

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

In the whirlwind moments where time is of the essence, GOODSTONE is here to hold your hand. 💎

Should your order dance with urgency, please reach out to us as soon as possible at We will weave our efforts to ensure your dream graces your fingertips swiftly. ✨

At GOODSTONE, clarity is our most treasured gem.

For orders finding their home within the heart of Texas, orders are subject to state sales tax. Those destined for horizons beyond Texas or seeking international shores will not be charged sales tax… though International orders are subject to the local VAT/Customs & Duties. The customer is responsible for paying for these.

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

Navigating international shipping has specific requirements. 🌍✨

We ship our products worldwide, but it's important to note international regulations. When a GOODSTONE item is shipped internationally, it may incur Import and Customs duties, Value Added Taxes (VAT), tariffs, or other fees from the destination country. These fees are not included at checkout.

Points to consider:

- As the recipient, you must follow all laws and regulations of the destination country.
- GOODSTONE doesn't cover brokerage fees, import and customs duties, VAT, tariffs, or other related costs.
- If a delivery is declined due to fees from the destination country, the return cost is the purchaser's responsibility.
- While we handle the shipment, any delays caused by customs or other international factors are outside our control. Any fees from customs or other international processes are the purchaser's responsibility.

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

Yes! To ensure your GOODSTONE piece reaches you as seamlessly as it's crafted, your presence (or someone trusted) for the delivery with a signature is pivotal. If, for any reason, our creation finds its way back to us, you may be subject to the reshipment of your order. 

Please note that GOODSTONE is neither liable nor responsible, for:

  • Lost shipments when tracking dictates it has been delivered.
  • The delayed delivery of packages due to the customer being either unavailable for signature upon arrival, or due to any unforeseen weather or technical issues experienced by the courier service (typically Fedex or UPS).

For clarity or a conversation that sparkles, find us at ✨


At GOODSTONE, we prioritize your satisfaction and strive to ensure that every purchase meets your expectations. Our return and exchange policy is designed to offer you peace of mind and confidence in your selection. Please review the following guidelines carefully:


  • 14 Day Window: Jewelry can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of the shipment date.
  • Comparison Orders: Ordering multiple diamonds for comparison is not permitted. Our experts are available to help you select the perfect diamond.
  • Returns Per Year: Limited to one return or exchange per year. Subsequent diamond received from an exchange are final sale.
  • Grading Reports: Any grading reports sent with a piece must accompany returns. Fees apply for missing or damaged reports and will be deducted from refunds.
  • International Orders: We currently do not offer returns or exchanges for orders outside of the US. This applies to all fine jewelry.


  • Custom-designed or modified jewelry, eternity rings, visibly worn jewelry, damaged items, altered/resized/engraved jewelry, improperly packaged returns, and items beyond the return window are not eligible for return or exchange.


  • Returns by Shipment: Must be shipped within the return window. We offer complimentary return shipping within the United States. 
  • Limitation: Each customer is limited to one eligible return per year.
  • Shipping Instructions: Returns must use our provided insured shipping label. Alternative shipping methods are not accepted.


  • Upon receipt, items will undergo a quality control inspection. Acceptable returns will be processed for a refund within approximately ten business days. Items failing inspection will be returned to the customer.
  • Refunds are issued via the original payment method. For bank wire payments, a check will be mailed. Refunds may take one billing cycle to appear. Alternatively, store credit is available.

Lifetime Guarantee

At GOODSTONE, we craft not just jewelry, but eternal promises. 💎

Every whisper of metal and glint of gem is an embodiment of our unwavering commitment. This is why, should your GOODSTONE piece ever call out for a touch of love, we're here to mend and embrace it, free of charge, for life.

*Note: If a ring is flaunting a full pattern or dazzling stones all (or mostly) around, resizing might be unavailable. Examples of this are our Full Eternity bands or Geometric Stacker

**For diamond setting and gemstone replacement services, a small fee will apply. But fret not. Every step is taken with transparency, and we'll share the details before our artisans begin their magic.

For any queries, or to share the melodies of your story, find us at ✨


Every piece from GOODSTONE is a testament to timelessness and commitment. With our Lifetime Guarantee, we tenderly promise to care for your cherished jewelry, mending and nurturing it back to its radiant self. Because your treasure isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a bond, and we're honored to uphold it for a lifetime.

For any queries, or to share the melodies of your story, find us at ✨


Elegant Choices, Effortless Financing.💎

GOODSTONE believes that acquiring your dream piece should be as seamless as the jewelry itself. Delighted to partner with Affirm Financing, we present a straightforward and transparent approach to financing. 

For all those twinkling queries or to journey deeper into the realm of financing, please visit Affirm's Help Center.

Dream today, finance effortlessly. And always, we're here to listen at ✨

Elevate Your Elegance with Effortless Financing. 💎

When it comes to treasured moments and lasting memories, why let finance be a concern? Affirm, our trusted partner, offers a contemporary alternative to conventional credit cards, crafting a hassle-free path to acquire that desired piece from GOODSTONE.

With Affirm, here’s what awaits you:

💎 Immediate Empowerment: Get instant loan decisioning for your purchase with GOODSTONE, allowing you to spread payments over 3, 6, or 12 months. Consider this: A radiant piece worth $700 could be yours for just $63.18/month for 12 months at a 15% APR.

💎 Transparent Terms: No concealed clauses. Before you finalize, view your exact monthly obligations, duration of payments, and the interest sum - ensuring complete clarity.

💎 No Need for a Credit Card: Venture into luxury without the constraints of a traditional card.

💎 Prompt & Convenient Reminders: Be it through email or an SMS nudge, Affirm ensures you're timely informed about upcoming payments. Opt for Autopay for an even smoother experience.

With rates ranging from 0% to 36%, your APR is tailored based on your credit, post an eligibility check. Occasionally, an initial down payment might be your gateway to glittering elegance.

For a deeper dive into this financing opportunity, we invite you to explore Affirm's Help Center

Begin your journey of elegance and ease. Connect, discover, and let us illuminate your path at ✨

Discover Affirm & Make Your GOODSTONE Dream Come True 🌠

Unlocking the allure of GOODSTONE is now more accessible than ever! When you choose Affirm to finance your purchase, you're not just opting for convenience, but clarity and confidence as well. Here’s how you can embark on this seamless journey:

💎 Eligibility Criteria:

1. U.S. Residency: Be it the vast landscapes of the 50 states or the unique territories, as long as you call the U.S. your home, you're eligible.


2. Age Requirement: You must be 18 years or older. (For our friends in Nebraska, the age is 19 if you're under state guardianship.)

3. Social Security Number: A valid SSN is essential for your Affirm application.

4. Mobile Connectivity: Ensure you have a U.S. or U.S. territories registered phone number capable of receiving SMS. This aids in easy communication and instant updates.

Determined to dazzle? With these criteria met, you're all set to add a sprinkle of GOODSTONE magic to your life. 🪄

For any curiosities or clarifications, we recommend exploring Affirm's Help Center. They've curated a trove of information that promises to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to redefine elegance? Reach out, and let's craft memories together at 💌

Affirm & Your Credit: The Gentle Approach 🌼

When you're considering financing with Affirm for your GOODSTONE treasure, it's natural to be conscious of your credit score's well-being. 

💎 Soft Credit Check: Affirm's process involves what's known as a “soft” credit check. This means they'll verify your identity and evaluate your creditworthiness, but this check won't have any impact on your credit score. It's a non-intrusive peek that remains invisible on your credit report.

💎 No Hard Inquiries: Traditional financing options might include hard credit checks, which can momentarily dip your credit score. Affirm's underwriting model, however, doesn't operate this way. They understand the value of maintaining your credit score's integrity and adopt a more considerate approach.

Considering GOODSTONE for your next symbol of love, commitment, or self-expression? With Affirm, you're choosing not only flexibility in payments but also a mindful partner that respects your financial journey.

For more intricate details or any lingering questions, do explore Affirm's Help Center. They have a myriad of resources tailored to keep you informed and empowered.

Here for your radiant moments, always. Reach us for any guidance at 💌

Pay Your Way, No Strings Attached 🌈

We understand that life is unpredictable and your financial situation can change. With Affirm, flexibility is not just a term—it's a promise.

💎 Zero Prepayment Penalties: You have the freedom to pay off your loan ahead of schedule without any extra fees or penalties. It's all about putting you in control.

💎 Only Pay for What You Use: If you choose to settle your loan early, you'll only be responsible for the interest accrued over the time you actually had the loan. Affirm automatically recalculates and rebates any unearned finance charges. It's a fair deal through and through.

💎 Easy Tracking: To see your payoff amount, all you need to do is log into your Affirm account and select "Make Payment." It's transparent and straightforward, so you always know where you stand.

So go ahead, plan your payments your way, whether you wish to speed things up or take it easy. Affirm ensures you don't pay a penny more than you have to.

Have more questions or need further clarification? The Affirm Help Center is just a click away, brimming with answers and insights.

For anything else, we're always here for you at 💌

Your Monthly Payment Schedule, Made Simple 📆

At GOODSTONE, we partner with Affirm to make your payment experience as smooth as possible. Here's how it works:

💎 First Payment: Your first monthly payment will kick in one month after your loan with Affirm has been processed. Mark this date on your calendar, as it will serve as the starting point for all future payments.

💎 Consistency Is Key: Your payments will be due on the same calendar day each month for the entirety of your loan period. For instance, if your loan begins on January 1st, your payments will always fall on the 1st—February 1st, March 1st, and so on.

💎 Never Miss a Date: Affirm will help you keep track by sending timely reminders via both email and SMS. You'll always know when a payment is coming up, so there are no surprises.

💎 Automate It: Prefer a set-and-forget method? Enable Affirm’s Autopay to automatically make your monthly payments. No fuss, no muss.

We aim to make your journey with us not just memorable but also hassle-free. For any further queries, Affirm’s Help Center has got you covered, or you can reach out to us at 💌

Flexible Financing Options for Every Budget 💳

GOODSTONE is committed to making your dream ring a reality, and that extends to our payment plans. We've teamed up with Affirm to offer flexible financing options tailored to your financial situation.

💎 APR as Low as 0%: For those who qualify, enjoy the luxury of interest-free payments over a span of 3, 6, or 12 months. 

💎 Variable APR: Not eligible for 0% APR? Don't worry. Affirm offers competitive rates ranging from 10-36% to fit a variety of budgets. For example, if you're eyeing a $700 ring, you may pay $63.18 per month for 12 months at a 15% APR.

💎 Transparency: With Affirm, what you see is what you get. You’ll know your monthly payment and total interest charges upfront, with no hidden fees.

💎 Eligibility Check: Qualification is determined by Affirm's comprehensive and fair eligibility check, which takes into account several factors but will not affect your credit score.

💎 Options & Down Payments: Your available options will depend on your purchase amount, and in some cases, a down payment may be required.

Choosing the right ring is a big decision, and we believe that budget should never be a barrier. We're here to help make your dream piece a reality while ensuring that you can manage payments comfortably and confidently.

For any further details or questions, feel free to visit Affirm’s Help Center or contact us at 💌

Don't Let Late Payments Stress You Out 😌

Life happens, and sometimes payments can slip through the cracks. If you find that you may be late on an Affirm payment for your GOODSTONE purchase, don't worry—there are steps you can take to set things right.

💎 Immediate Action: Log into your Affirm account as soon as you realize a payment might be late, and schedule your payment right away.

💎 Reach Out: Affirm’s customer care department is there to assist you. If you anticipate that a payment might be late, it's always better to make arrangements ahead of time.

💎 Be Proactive: Take advantage of Affirm's notifications and reminders to ensure you never miss a payment. You can also enable Autopay for hassle-free automatic monthly payments.

While we love making dream rings come true, we also understand that financial hiccups occur. Affirm is designed to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, so don't hesitate to use their resources to your advantage.

For further guidance or concerns, consult Affirm’s Help Center or reach us at 💌. We're here to help make the entire process, from choosing a ring to completing payments, as smooth and stress-free as possible.


GOODSTONE offers pieces in 14k or 18k Rose, Yellow, or White Gold and Platinum. All of our gemstones & diamonds are ethically sourced in alignment with Kimberly Process standards.

Size Guide

Selecting the impeccable ring size can be an art, but with GOODSTONE, grace is interwoven at every step. 

To guide your hand to the perfect fit:

- The Amazon Ring Sizer: a trusted companion in sizing.

- Our crafted Ring Sizer Guide: the art of measuring at your fingertips.

- Or, embrace tradition by visiting a local jeweler to embrace the essence of your unique size.

Yet, life is often about second chances and so are we. Enjoy our complimentary resizing* should your chosen ring size need a gentle tweak for that snug embrace.

*Please note, our Eternity Bands cannot be altered.

Let's paint your dream together. For a heart-to-heart with a GOODSTONE Expert, kindly complete our concierge form HERE

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

Jewelry Care

Love Your Sparkle, Make It Last ✨

Your GOODSTONE pieces are not just jewelry; they are the stories you wear and the memories you carry. Taking good care of them ensures that they remain as radiant as the moments they represent. Here’s how:

Everyday Guidelines

1️⃣ Avoid Chemicals: Before showering or applying lotions, perfumes, or any other chemicals, make it a habit to remove your jewelry. Even 'harmless' substances can accumulate under gemstone settings or contribute to tarnishing and discoloration.

2️⃣ Stay Mindful: If your day involves heavy physical activities, especially those involving your hands—whether it's weightlifting or gardening—consider leaving your jewelry in a safe place. Active use can lead to warping, bending, and loosening of stones.

3️⃣ Temperature & Pressure: Extreme heat or cold can affect many gemstones and metals. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, store it in a room-temperature, pressure-neutral environment.

Special Care at Night 🌙

🛏 Lay It Out: Before getting into bed, lay your pieces out flat to ensure they keep their shape and settings remain secure.

Cleaning Protocols

🚫 Say No to Harsh Chemicals: Steer clear of bleach and other abrasive cleaners, as they can cause pitting in metals and may weaken the settings of your stones.

🔬 Emerald Alert: These beautiful green gems are especially delicate and require extra care. Avoid any harsh chemicals and consider professional cleaning.

Further Assistance

Need more guidance? Our experts are always here to assist you in maintaining the elegance and longevity of your GOODSTONE pieces.

Feel free to reach us at 💌 for any questions or concerns regarding jewelry care.

Shine Bright Like Your Diamonds: Cleaning Tips 💎

To keep your diamond jewelry looking its sparkling best, you don't need to look farther than your kitchen sink. With a simple, gentle solution and a few household items, you can keep your diamonds dazzling for years to come.

What You'll Need:

- Warm water

- Mild dish soap

- A soft-bristle brush (an old toothbrush works well)

- A soft, lint-free cloth for drying


1️⃣ Prepare the Solution: Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water in a small bowl. 

2️⃣ Pre-Clean Soak: Place your diamond jewelry in the bowl and let it soak for about 20-30 minutes. This will help loosen any dirt or residue.

3️⃣ Gentle Scrub: Take the jewelry out of the bowl and gently scrub it with a soft-bristle brush. Pay special attention to the diamond itself and any hard-to-reach areas where dirt could get trapped.

4️⃣ Rinse: Rinse thoroughly under warm running water. Make sure to close the drain or use a sieve to catch any possible loose stones.

5️⃣ Pat Dry: Use a soft, lint-free cloth to pat your jewelry dry. Avoid using paper towels or tissues as they can scratch the metal.

6️⃣ Inspect: Take a moment to inspect your jewelry for any loose stones or weakened prongs. If you notice anything, it’s best to get it professionally serviced as soon as possible.

Extra Tips:

- For an added touch, consider using a jewelry polishing cloth after drying.

- Always store your jewelry in a secure, dry place to keep it safe and maintain its luster.

If you have further questions or need more detailed care guidelines, don't hesitate to reach out to us at **** 💌. Happy shining!



Every piece from GOODSTONE is a testament to timelessness and commitment. With our Lifetime Guarantee, we tenderly promise to care for your cherished jewelry, mending and nurturing it back to its radiant self. Because your treasure isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a bond, and we're honored to uphold it for a lifetime.

For any queries, or to share the melodies of your story, find us at ✨

Ethics and Values

Ethical Brilliance: Our Diamonds Shine with Integrity 🌟

A tapestry of ethical practices underpins the radiance of every gem at GOODSTONE. When it comes to diamonds and gemstones, rest assured, our commitment to responsible sourcing is unwavering.

🌟 Beyond Conflict:

In the realm of diamonds, the term "conflict-free" defines our foundation. Every diamond that graces our creations is a testament to responsible practices that transcend borders.

🌟 A Pledge of Integrity:

GOODSTONE stands as a beacon of ethical sourcing. Our dedication to you and the world around us is steadfast, ensuring that every gem that adorns your piece carries a legacy of responsible craftsmanship.

Your treasured gem, as it sparkles with brilliance, reflects the heart of a brand that values integrity above all else.

For questions or a conversation that sparkles, find us at

Elegance, Effortless, Eternal. 💎

Every GOODSTONE creation is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a testament to enduring grace. Designed with finesse, our pieces elegantly thread the line between everyday luxury and timeless heirlooms, effortlessly becoming a part of your cherished moments.

We uphold the golden values of transparency throughout our journey, ensuring that each piece you hold reverberates with authenticity and love.

💎Ethically sourced: Every diamond and gemstone, with its sparkling story, is ethically sourced

💎 Recycled Golds and Platinum:The gold and platinum that embrace our stones whisper tales of rebirth, as we pledge to use only recycled metals, resonating with the Earth's rhythm.

💎Made in the USA: The heartbeats of our artisans, right here in the United States, craft and infuse soul into every bridal ring and jewelry piece, making each a cherished chapter in your love story.

For a conversation that sparkles, we can be reached at ✨

Unveiling Your Radiant Dream: Crafting Brilliance, Defying Expectations 🌟 

Values that Illuminate Your Journey 🌟

At GOODSTONE, our values are more than words; they are the essence of who we are and what we believe in. Each value is a guiding star, illuminating your path to a world of exceptional diamonds and jewelry.

Make Life Sparkle:

We are the jewelry brand with the diamond authority to make exceptional stones as accessible as possible. We believe in adding sparkle to every moment, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Liberated Indulgence:

Indulgence knows no boundaries. We believe that everyone should feel free to indulge at any moment, on any day, without restriction to special occasions. Life is for celebrating, and we're here to make every day a celebration.

Reachable Attainment:

Your desires are within reach. We believe that everyone should have the best chance possible to obtain the objects they desire in life. Our diamonds and jewelry are designed to make your dreams attainable.

A Cut Above:

Craftsmanship and provenance define true value. We believe that the most coveted objects in the world are steeped in rich provenance and careful craft. Our commitment to excellence is woven into every piece we create.

Unorthodox Authority:

Conformity has its limits. We believe in challenging the norm with fresh expertise, leading to new ideas and beautiful things. Our unorthodox approach drives innovation, ensuring your journey with us is truly exceptional.


At Good Stone, we elevate your jewelry journey with our personal concierge service. From understanding your unique preferences to guiding you through our exquisite collections, our dedicated experts are here to ensure your experience is as bespoke as the pieces we craft. Your vision, brought to life with our guidance.