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Love Your Sparkle, Make It Last

Ensuring their radiant appearance is just as essential as the memories they encapsulate. To uphold the longevity and elegance of your jewelry, consider the following care guidelines:

Everyday Wear

  • Avoid Chemicals: Remove jewelry before showering or applying lotions and perfumes. Even mild substances can tarnish or discolor.
  • Physical Activities: On active days, especially with your hands, store jewelry safely. This prevents bending or stone loosening.
  • Store Right: Keep jewelry in a consistent, room-temperature environment to protect gemstones and metals.


Safe Storage: Before your nightly rest, lay out your jewelry pieces flat. This minimizes risks of them tangling and ensures they retain their original shape.

Cleaning Guide

Maintain GOODSTONE jewelry with routine cleaning:

  • Prepare: Mix mild soap with warm water.
  • Soak: Let jewelry sit in solution for 20-30 minutes.
  • Brush: Clean with a soft brush, focusing on diamonds.
  • Rinse: Wash under warm water, ensuring sink drain is secure.
  • Dry: Use lint-free cloth; avoid paper towels.
  • Check: Examine for loose stones; if found, see a professional.

Additional Recommendations

  • For a gleaming finish, a jewelry polishing cloth can be beneficial post-cleaning.
  • Secure and dry storage preserves the luster and safety of your pieces.

Special Note for Emeralds: These gems are particularly sensitive. Eschew harsh chemicals.

In Need of Expertise? Our team is dedicated to assisting you in ensuring the pristine condition of your GOODSTONE jewelry. For detailed queries or concerns, please contact:


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