Pay What You May Financing Available

Pay What You May Financing Available

Only here. Enjoy special pricing with our latest release.

Pay What You May Financing Available

Discover Good Stone Hoops, studs, cuffs and climbers.

Pay What You May Financing Available

Thin + Simple Solitaire With Round Brilliant Cut

Discover the easiest-wearing solitaire we've ever made. This prong-set Round Cut is the ideal silhouette to showcase a jaw-dropping solitaire, yet fixed to a barely-there band. This makes the stone appear to float on the hand, while the prong setting allows light to flow through the diamond from all angles. It's a kind of magic.
  • 1.25mm band
Band: Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Rose Gold
Karat: 14k

  • Free Resizing:

We resize all rings for Free within 30 days of delivery. Reply to your Order Confirmation with your new finger size & we'll reply with a return shipping label & instructions. (Excludes Full Eternity rings)

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not satisfied with your Good Stone piece, reply to your Order Confirmation email & we'll get the conversation started.

  • Made-to-Order Timeline

Made-to-order & handcrafted in LA in 14 - 21 business days from start to finish. Once finished, we ship via insured, Free expedited shipping. Tracking information is shared when your order ships.

  • Warranty

1-Year warranty covers all quality concerns resulting from a manufacturing flaw, such as: loose prongs, missing pavé stones, etc.

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Your Concierge Questions, Answered

A-ok! Designing a custom ring may sound daunting, but we walk you through it. Our individualized, personal attention leads you through the design choices to a ring that reflects your and your fiancée’s style and budget.

We strongly recommend that you know your size prior to ordering, as we have an all sales are final policy. Please reference our size guide or watch this video created by The Knot to learn how to size yourself properly before you we begin fulfillment or production. Please note that eternity bands cannot be resized.

Every piece in our core collection is specially made-to-order and personalized, down to the smallest detail. Take inspiration from our signature silhouettes by selecting your preferred stone—color, shape, size and cut. Choose from our range of precious metals and embellish with delicate details—such as diamond pavé—or reacg out to us directly. We're here to guide you through our collections and reveal the distinctive qualities that give each style unique impact.

The earlier, the better! We recommend confirming your gemstone selection 12-8 weeks before you want your ring completed in hand. This ensures you see the most up to date and accurate options available and leaves enough time for production, which can take between 4-6 weeks.

By no means! While engagement rings are often the first piece of jewelry that we make for a client, we happily create jewelry for other occasions and applications, such as wedding bands and everyday stackers.

We strongly encourage you to insure all of your fine jewelry pieces. If you
have a current insurance policy, it is possible that you will be able to
add your pieces onto your coverage. If you are starting a new policy, we recommend Jewelers Mutual. They will ask for an independent, third-party appraisal report compiled by a certified Gemologist in order to insure your Good Stone ring.

Explore our core collection, select your favorite silhouettes, identifying them by name, design and shape (eg. solitaire, three stone, diamond halo, antique diamond). Note any changes, additions or special details you’d like to include in your bespoke design, then contact us to arrange your custom consultation. We'll work with you directly, helping you learn about diamonds and our procurement process, time lines, ring sizing, and more.

Of course—if you inherited a stone, or have already bought one, we are happy to work with you to create the perfect setting to best enhance it.

In stock items will ship in 2-5 business days after purchase. Made to order and out of stock items will ship within 4-6 weeks unless otherwise specified. We will email you with tracking information when your order has been sent––and no matter what, we ship all U.S. orders via UPS 2 Day Express.

Diamond stones floating in space with a pastel ombre background

Lab Grown diamonds are identical in the chemical, molecular and visual way to Earth Mined diamonds.

These diamonds are rendered in a lab by replicating the effects of intense heat and high pressure on carbon that result in natural diamond formation.

A diamond seed is used to grow additional layers of diamond. Ultimately, rough Lab Grown diamonds are cut into the same shapes as natural Earth Mined diamonds.

Lab Grown diamonds have all the same properties as Earth Mined diamonds.

Certified Lab Grown diamonds are graded on the same 4 C’s scale of cut, color, clarity and carat by gemological labs, making them comparable to Earth Mined diamonds.

In short: A big one!

Synthetic or simulated diamonds are diamond alternatives, like cubic zirconia. These neither have the same visual or chemical properties of Lab Grown or Earth Mined diamonds, nor the durability and sparkle.

Only a trained gemologist may be able to tell the difference between an Earth Mined and Lab Grown diamond with inspection.

Here's the quick need-to-knows on pricing:

  • Earth Mined and Lab Grown diamonds are priced by the exact same criteria.
  • Lab diamonds are not priced linearly, but rather exponentially by weight–a 2ct does not cost twice that of a 1ct of the same quality.
  • Quality differences can drive significant price gaps. In large sizes, the difference between a VS1 and VS2* can be thousands of dollars difference in cost.
  • Lab diamonds tend to be priced at about a 20% discount off of equivalent quality Earth Mined diamonds.

*What is VS1 and VS:

VS1 diamonds represent the top 5 percent of all gem-quality stones, as. they earn a high clarity grade with no visible inclusions and minimal, hard-to-identify inclusions under 10x magnification. By comparison, VS2 diamonds may have visible inclusions without magnification, but very rarely and only in larger diamonds above 1 carat.