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Baguette Cut Wedding Bands

GOODSTONE pieces symbolize love, commitment, and a shared future. With precision-crafted designs and perfectly cut diamonds, mark your special moment with timeless elegance.

Baguette Cut Wedding Bands (26)

Baguette Cut wedding bands

Baguette cut diamonds are a sleek elongated rectangular shape adorned with parallel facets, emitting a mesmerizing play of light. Most commonly displayed as a series of diamonds in a row in a wedding band, their straight cut silhouette is mesmerizing in large and small stones.

Baguette CUT wedding bands FAQ

A baguette cut diamond is a rectangular-shaped diamond with step-cut facets that run parallel to its length. Named after the French breadstick it resembles, the baguette cut diamond is known for its sleek and elegant appearance.

Yes! At GOODSTONE we have baguette cuts for wedding bands in blue sapphires, pink sapphires, green emeralds, and rubies.

No. Emerald and baguette diamonds may appear similar, but they differ in their cut. Emerald diamonds have cut corners, whereas baguettes feature unbeveled, angled corners, resulting in a distinct rectangular shape. So, while they share some characteristics, they are not the same thing.

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Thin + Simple Solitaire With 3.08ct Oval Cut by Good Stone in Yellow Gold

Thin + Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring With Oval Cut Diamond



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