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The 5 stone ring is a standout in the world of diamond jewelry, symbolizing style and substance. Originating from the Victorian era, it represents sentiments like love and commitment. Versatile enough to complement any bridal set, it offers customization in stone shapes, settings, and metals. Whether adorned with diamonds or colored gemstones, the 5 stone ring remains timeless, adapting to modern twists and trends.

So, you're on the quest for the perfect diamond ring that simply screams "I'm committed, and I've got great taste." Well, it appears you've come to the right place. In the dazzling world of diamond rings, the 5 stone ring is, quite possibly, the ultimate masterpiece. Not simply a wedding band or anniversary ring, the 5 stone stands out from the diamond ring crowd as a symbol of major style and substance. But what exactly makes the five-stone ring so spectacular? And how can you style one so it doesn't look outdated? Let's dive in.

GOODSTONE Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Oval Cuts (2.50ctw)


Accessorize with maximum sparkle, featuring the Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Oval Cuts (2.50ctw) - our favorite 5 stone ring

What is a 5 Stone Diamond Ring?

You're probably familiar with a basic diamond band, or a diamond engagement ring, right? Perhaps you're even accustomed to a three-stone engagement ring, which features two bright, brilliant diamonds flanking your choice of center stone? Well, picture this: a bold row of diamonds that stretches the width of your finger, kind of like a support circle of your favorite blinged out friends.

Five stone anniversary rings (because they've historically been given as anniversary gifts to commemorate ongoing love and commitment) typically feature five similarly-sized diamonds or gemstones set in an even row across the top of the finger. Sometimes these are set in slightly graduated sizes, with a larger stone at the center, tapering outward.

The Symbolism and History of 5 Stone Rings

Now, the five stone ring is certainly nothing new. In fact, the history of these rings dates back to the Victorian era when people decided that jewelry should mean a little something more than displaying expensive taste. Sentimentally, the five stones can stand for five symbols: love, trust, friendship, loyalty, and commitment. Or they've often stood for a 5 year anniversary, one diamond for each of the five years of marriage. While you can really give or wear them for any occasion, the beautiful way style of a 5 stone ring is often a gift between couples celebrating a lifetime of love.

Can You Wear a 5 Stone Diamond Ring with Your Engagement Ring?

Obviously, yes. Your wedding and engagement ring set should reflect your own personal style, and there really are no rules. When it comes to crafting your perfect ring stack, the versatile 5 stone diamond ring makes a great choice. It is often a bit more bold than other wedding band width sizes, creating a standout sparkle on your hand, and with the unique design choices available, you can customize stone shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your taste. Many couples appreciate the meaningful touch that a 5 stone ring brings to their bridal set.

GOODSTONE Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Old Mine Cuts (2.75ctw)

Enhance the stack's elegance with the addition of The Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Old Mine Cuts (2.75ctw)as a perfect pairing for your wedding band.

How to Choose Your 5 Stone Diamond Ring

Like choosing any diamond or gemstone band or engagement ring, you can start with learning a bit about the 4Cs — cut, color, clarity, and carat weight — as these often dictate much of diamond pricing. However, one of the biggest choices when it comes to a five stone rings is in stone shape.

Classic 5 stone diamond rings often can often be found featuring round diamonds, which is a timeless, elegant choice. If you like this classic style, but want to add a subtle twist with a bit of history, our Five Stone Ring with Old European Cut Diamonds (the predecessor to today's modern round brilliant cut) is a light-filled choice. This cut of diamond was worn for many centuries, and sparkles with a unique, rainbow flash that harkens back to olden days. Trust us, their warmth and shine is truly something to behold.

You can also choose a 5 stone with, say, oval cut diamonds, which offers a super modern look and extended brilliance, since the length-to-width ratio of oval diamonds spreads further down the finger. Cushion cut diamonds, or their predecessor the old mine cut, also offer a soft, alternative stone look to this band style.

GOODSTONE Five Stone Claw Set Diamond Wedding Band with Old Euro Cuts

Timeless Elegance: Old Meets New in our Five Stone Claw Set Diamond Wedding Band with Old Euro Cuts.

Choosing Diamond Prong Styles and Metal

Once you've narrowed down the shape of stone, you can also choose from different setting or prong styles. For instance, you like an old mine cut diamond ring... Do you prefer a shared prong look that has a single prong between each diamond in the row, securing the diamonds on either side of it? Or slender, individual claw prongs on each stone? You can also choose a chunky diamond ring with stones set in wide bar settings. The options are endless, really.

The materials of your 5 stone ring can really help make it your own, as well. Whether you like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, think of it like a choose your own adventure. If you're trying to match your engagement ring, selecting similar stone shapes and metal colors can help create an overall cohesive look.

A side by side comparison of the GOODSTONE Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Oval Cuts (2.50ctw) and GOODSTONE Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Old Mine Cuts (2.75ctw)

A side by side comparison of the Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Oval Cuts (2.50ctw) and Five Stone Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band With Old Mine Cuts (2.75ctw).

What About Colored Gemstones?

A major multitasker in the design department, a 5 stone ring doesn't have to be diamonds at all, really. Whether it's an anniversary ring or a fashion choice that you purchase just for fun, try a five stone ring with colored gemstones to mix things up a bit. Many people choose a birthstone ring, but you can go with any color you like. Like this emerald five stone ring set with round emeralds and dainty claw prongs.

GOODSTONE Five Stone Shared Prong Band with Round Green Emeralds

Don't be afraid to add some color into your collection. The Five Stone Shared Prong Band with Round Green Emeralds is the perfect ring to add some flare to any stack.

5 Stone Rings are Evergreen

While some might say that 5 stone diamond rings are a thing of the past, this style is far from being outdated. After all, the little black dress is still around, isn't it? Timeless, classic, and getting better with age, the 5 stone ring's adaptability to modern twists and trends ensures they never go out of style.

From symbolizing your ultimate love story to being the blinged out bestie your fingers really need, you can celebrate your lifetime with any 5 stone diamond ring you like. Simply set your budget, measure your ring size, and shop!

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