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You asked, we answered.

Invest in dynamic, made-to-stack designs and you'll never get tired of your rings. When it's easy to restyle your jewelry wardrobe, you can enjoy it every single day.

Step 1: The Stacker

Dainty and delicate, Good Stone Stackers are your anchor. Use these styles to set a solid, uncomplicated groundwork that will set the mood, but won't steal the spotlight.

Step 2: The Break Up

Too many gemstone bands means the eye doesn’t know where to look! Anchor your stack with an all metal band to break up the sparkle. Try the Butter Knife Edge band (4mm) to create a mixed materials moment.

Step 3: The Showstopper

Bold, sculptural silhouettes, clustered stones in brilliant colors––the attributes that distinguish a statement piece is up to you. We recommend topping off your stack with a piece you find uniquely unforgettable.