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Good Stone 3 Stone engagement ring

At Good Stone, we create custom fine jewelry. Believing that diamond jewelry doesn’t have to be defined by tradition, we celebrate our designs with transparency, quality and integrity.  We design rings we like, source the diamonds and gems we want, and offer it all to those who share our tastes.

We decided to pass on the traditional jewelry store model, with all of its high costs, in favor of a private, referral based method of business.  As with any brick-and-mortar jewelry store, the client is actually paying for the store's building, the expensive display cases, the costly lines of credit on inventory, store insurance, etcetera, in addition to purchasing the diamond ring. By opting out of all unnecessary costs of operation, Good Stone maintains a fraction of the overhead: we're able to offer drastically lower prices for high-end, American made engagement rings.


Our entire process - from the initial ideation to the final delivered ring - was crafted to accommodate clients both near and far. While Good Stone is based in Texas, it's clientele span the entire United States. While not necessary for perfection, in-person appointments can be arranged pending availability. If you'd like to connect face-to-face, please mention so in our Contact Form .

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What if I am not located in Austin?

If you are not located in the Austin area we can work with you remotely via phone and email. Many clients reach out to Good Stone because they don’t have access to importers but want to take advantage of global supply. All rings can be shipped by a fully insured courier to any location in the US as well as internationally.

Are your services only for engagement rings?

No! We create custom jewelry of all kinds and can accommodate. Although engagement rings are usually the starting point with most of our clients, many come back to Good Stone for help with birthday, anniversary, and Valentine’s Day gifts. We also love helping couples find wedding bands.

What if I already have my own stone

If you inherited a stone or already bought one, bringing your own stone is always an option. We are happy to work with you on designing the perfect setting to best enhance the stone you already have.

Isn’t it easier just to buy a diamond online?

We strongly advise against purchasing a diamond through an online retailer. Though the GIA grading system that determines a diamond’s quality and value is reliable, there are idiosyncrasies that make each stone respond visually in a different way than the numbers might suggest. This is part of the vetting process we offer with our services so you are only presented with the most spectacular stones. Also, only 10% of the worlds diamonds are listed online and we are able to search worldwide to find diamonds you can’t see on websites.


All bridal rings are shipped via a fully insured 2-Day courier. International shipping options are also available.


All orders shipped within Texas are subject to state sales tax.